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    Gordon Ramsay’s ‘Ex’: Tips for the ‘Other Woman’ 

    Is it a case of “Mistresses of the World, Unite?”

    Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay’s newly reformed ex-lover Sarah Symonds has written what she describes as a “taboo-busting book “– and she’s passed it on to Tiger Wood’s mistresses in the hope they’ll “learn something from her mistakes.”

    A bit late for them perhaps, but self-proclaimed “infidelity expert” Sarah is undeterred. She’s also gone on Oprah peddling a non-profit organisation “Mistresses Anonymous” (which includes a 12-step program to recovery).

    Why She Went Public

    Sydney Morning Herald sex and relationships blogger Ask Sam was wondering in print what it was with the abundance of mistresses going public on their affairs, so she asked Sarah why she’d decided to spill the beans on her seven-year-affair with the F-word maestro.

    As the British tabloids were quick to point out, Sarah is the debonair bleached-blonde babe who shouted from atop the pages of every British celebrity tabloid about her affair with Father of the Year Ramsay.

    As Ask Sam notes, “we also quickly learnt that this wasn’t the first time she bonked a married man, with the media dubbing her as “making a career out of sleeping with other people’s husbands”

    Other Woman “Can’t Win”

    “Outing” Ramsay, – she calls it “Gordongate” – had nothing to do with wanting to see her name in lights, she told Ask Sam.

    “I went on record to tell my true story after I heard that Gordon was so hurtfully denying it and me, and lying about our affair,” she told Sam.

    In hindsight (and after much trial and error) Symonds now realises high profile public men like Ramsay and Woods are never going to leave their wives for their mistresses.

    “A married man will 99.9% never leave his wife, and uses a mistress as his crutch to stay in an unhappy marriage,” she says.

    From her recent realisation, she feels her job now is to warn all women against dating a married man and being used in another person’s relationship. So here it is, Sarah’s golden rule for singles.

    Top Five Tips For “Other Women”

    1. Never date a married man! Why be second best?
    2. Do your due diligence when you meet a guy to find out if he is married or not. Some men slip their wedding rings off.
    3. Empower yourself enough to not settle for the crumbs of a married man’s time. Find a SINGLE man.
    4. Wives, act more like mistresses to stop your husbands from cheating on you!
    5. Never believe a word any man tells you. Basically, “if his lips are moving he is lying”.

    Ask Sam (Samantha Brett’s) new book The Chase; Everything you need to know about Men, Dating and Sex is available from February 1 at Booktopia.

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    Flaunting Flings Not Cool 

    It’s official: Having over 10,000 sexual conquests has gone from having an “oooh!” factor to having an “ewww!” factor.

    So says columnist Susan Toepfer at More.com about a new Warren Beatty biography which claims the actor slept with 13,000 women – still thousands short of NBA great Wilt Chamberlain who bragged in his autobiography A View From Above that he slept with 20,000 women.

    “Tedious” Tally

    But far from seeing it as something to boast about, 72-year-old father-of-four Beatty issued an immediate denial through his lawyer, describing the book as “tedious and boring.”

    Apparently, flaunting your flings is no longer cool, when you’ve been married to Annette Bening for 17 years and have three daughters, writes Toepfer.

    Devoted To Family

    Beatty’s reign as Hollywood’s most eligible bachelor came to an end when he clapped eyes on his elegant Bugsy co-star,  and he said ‘I do’ for the first time at 53, marrying Bening two months after the birth of their first child.

    “I was never divided on the subject with Annette,” the Independent quotes Beatty as saying. “I was never divided on the subject of having a child.

    “And I was never divided on the subject of her integrity or intelligence or capacity to love.

    “I think talent is energy and, let’s just say, she’s very talented! See, I think that there’s something in the unconscious that is the iceberg, and then there’s the tip of the iceberg, that’s the conscious. And when I met Annette, I thought, ‘Oh, I see’.”

    Rake Reformed

    Of course promiscuity is still alive and well – Tiger Woods is testimony to that. But Beatty, happily wed for nearly two decades and by all accounts devoted to his family, has changed.

    With a wealth of experience between the sheets to go on, he declared monogamous sex best. And in keeping with the discovery, the serial boyfriend showered affection on whoever was on his arm, rather than simply adding them to the countless notches on his bedpost.

    Said one of his lovers, Goldie Hawn: “Maybe he loved too many women in his early days but it wasn’t all about sexuality. It was about tenderness.

    “Warren by nature is a caretaker. Yes, he’s maddening. Yes, he’s stubborn. But the bottom line is the nature of that animal is good. His intentions are pure.”

    Perhaps that’s the difference between Beatty and Woods. While one never had any incriminating “sex tapes” or on-the –make porn stars peddling stories of time between the sheets, Tiger’s personal life has become a national joke despite his own monastic silence.

    No nasty stories. No tell-all revelations to tabloids, or calendars like the one in the NY Post of “Tiger’s Babes,” or embarrassingly “wise-after-the-event” cover story in Vanity Fair.

    Is it because being a roaming Lothario when you’re a single “hot” Bad Boy is one thing. Cheating on your wife and young children with a string of synthetic “hostesses” is seen as something entirely different?

    What do you think? Let us know.

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    Mistress Collects $100,000 

    Tiger Woods would have to be glad he’s not living in Australia. That’s because a new law there granting the equivalent of alimony for mistresses is creating bad news for philandering husbands.

    The “second wife” doesn’t have to be living under the same roof as her married lover to collect compensation.  As for the philandering men; if they’ve had multiple affairs, then their bank balance is about to be hit even worse, as they could find themselves paying maintenance support to a multitude of ex-partners.

    Family Law Act reforms entitling de facto partners of two years or longer to the same rights as married couples introduced in March stipulate that such a relationship can exist even if one of the partners is already married.

    Mistress Awarded $100,000

    Now the law has been tested, and a mistress awarded $100,000 from her married lover after complaining she gave him “the best years of her life.”

    In the first known case of its kind in Victoria, the Melbourne businessman was sued under changes to the Family Law Act after his former lover said that she deserved the money, the Sunday Herald Sun reported.

    “He always told me he would look after me, then he left me. I had committed myself fully to him for all those years and it just came to a dead end.

    “He behaved like a gentleman toward me throughout our relationship – except at the end – and now he has been a gentleman again by doing the right thing.”

    Lover Legally Recognised

    The woman argued that she provided her lover with moral and emotional support for more than two decades.

    “So this is also about giving our relationship a validity. It is a recognition that I have added something of value to his life. Now I am beginning to come to terms with life again. The money provides me with a security in my later years.

    Her lawyer argued that many marriages didn’t last as long as the couple’s relationship. The pair travelled around the country and attended functions together. The man also gave his mistress a monthly four-figure allowance and showered her with gifts.

    Settled Out Of Court

    However, when he ended the affair this year, she was devastated. Then she learned of the law change and her legal team sent a letter of demand – quoting the new legislation – to the man.

    “It settled (out of court) within weeks,” her lawyer said. “If it had not been for this law, my client would have been abandoned, left on the scrap heap.

    “This is an acknowledgment that if you are in any substantial relationship, each party has a level of commitment to each other.”

    The Law Institute of Victoria’s family law division chairman, Stephen Winspear, said he believed the case could be an Australian first. “A lot of men could be stung,” he said.

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    Testosterone in Golf 

    While rampant testosterone seems to have got Tiger Woods into all sorts of trouble at the top of the PGA tour, a golfer with low testosterone at the bottom of golf rankings is facing quite a different problem.

    Doug Barron is suing the PGA after he was suspended for failing a dope test. Since 2005 he has been receiving monthly shots of synthetic testosterone, after struggling for years trying to understand why he was chronically fatigued and had absolutely no sexual desire.

    The golfer’s natural testosterone count when he was prescribed the shots was 78 nanograms per deciliter of blood. Most healthy men his age have a testosterone level between 300 and 500.

    CNN quoted Barron as saying “I was a 35-year-old man who, you know, wants to be living like a 35-year-old man. I was kind of embarrassed in a way. It wasn’t easy on me or my wife.”

    Testosterone Didn’t Turn Him Into Tiger

    Barron is far from a rock star in his sport. He reportedly earned about $33,000 last year, and during the previous eight seasons on the PGA Tour, his top finish was a tie for third place at the 2006 Byron Nelson Championship, one year after he began testosterone therapy.

    Testosterone, banned in professional sports because it promotes muscle mass and strength, amongst other things, obviously hasn’t transformed him into Tiger Woods.

    Barron got into trouble after the PGA introduced drug testing in 2008.

    When the ban went into effect, Barron told the Tour that he was on beta blockers (for chest pain) and testosterone. He requested a therapeutic use exemption, arguing that he needed them to live normally.

    Couldn’t Function Without It

    PGA Tour physicians say they measured Barron’s testosterone levels at 325 in November 2008 and 296 in December 2008, according to court records. The Tour ruled that that Barron’s testosterone count was within acceptable range. He had to get off the drugs.

    But Barron’s attorney said the testosterone levels were within acceptable range because Barron was receiving the shots.

    He “just couldn’t function at all,” Barron said of his attempts to get off the medication. Without the testosterone, he was listless. Without the beta blockers, he was having chest pains.

    He ignored the warning and had his monthly shot anyway. “I took a risk I should have known better than to do, and I got a shot of testosterone” in July just before the St. Jude Classic in Memphis, where he failed a random drug test.

    Good Sex Life a “Major Life Activity”

    His year-long suspension started in September, so he sued under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

    “The definition of a disability is something that impairs a major life activity, and intimacy with your wife is a major life activity,” said Barron’s attorney Jeff Rosenblum.

    Doug Barron isn’t the first to run up against the issue of testosterone. Golfer Shaun Micheel, who was granted a therapeutic exemption for abnormally low testosterone by the Tour in 2005 and was allowed to use synthetic testosterone.

    In August 2006, Micheel was runner-up to Tiger Woods at the PGA Championship — a major tournament he won in 2003 — and defeated Woods in the first round at the 2006 HSBC World Match Play Championship. According to the PGA Web site, Micheel has earned $8 million since he went pro in 1992.

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    Tags: Ask Men, aspirational, , Bear Grylls, Don Draper, inspiring men, Mad Men, Mario Batali, Most Influential Men of 2009, real man, role models, Steve Jobs, Tiger Woods   

    2009’s Most Influential Men 

    In a list heavy with lightweight TV performers – Iron Chef Mario Batali and survivalist Bear Grylls amongst them –  I guess it should be no surprise that the male who won top place as Ask Men.com’s  “most influential man of 2009” isn’t a real man at all, but fictional philandering adman Don Draper from the  Mad Men series.

    Half a million of the lifestyle portal’s 11 million monthly visitors apparently voted for this fantasy figure of the hard drinking, heavy smoking, 60s “hardass male,” ahead of real men making a difference like President Barack Obama, Tiger Woods, and Steve Jobs, who came in at 3, 30 and 7 respectively .

    Way We Want to Live?

    According to AskMen, their Top 49 Most Influential Men list is about the men who “best embody the way men aspired to live in 2009.”

    No 1 man Don Draper is a “post-war archetype, both a brilliant career man and a temptation-swayed philanderer who sincerely wants to be a family man,” the like of which has vanished in the 21st century, according the editor’s blurb.

    “In a turbulent 2009, men are seeking the stability of tradition in the masculine qualities that they imagine their fathers and grandfathers to have had,” says James Bassil, Editor-in-Chief of AskMen.com. “The character of Don Draper brings all these traits together, and in doing so speaks directly to the modern man. He’s a man whose time has come.”

    Is This Teenage Fantasy?

    To which you can only say, what a load of old cobblers. If the choice seems puerile – a 15-year-old’s fantasy about what being a man means – then perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised.

    As blogger The Last Psychiatrist commented, the type of person who wants to be Don Draper is squarely in AskMen’s target group of “perpetually pubescent males.”

    “What they want is to live in Draper’s world: where it is almost acceptable to have affairs; where they can drink all day and not get drunk; where they can say whatever is on your mind and not have it offend people; where creative men have some outlet for their ideas, and at least get paid really well instead.

    All Fun, No Consequences

    “Where they can eat any kind of food they want and not get fat.”  (And we might add, smoke like a chimney and never get lung cancer)

    “Where you can act like you want to act, act like what you think a man acts like, and people will admire you.

    “In other words, what you want is to be the main character in your own movie.”

    What Do You Think?

    So what’s you view? Is Don Draper worthy of the No 1 spot in a list of the world’s 49 most influential men? And if so why?

    For a quick check on who he beat out in the 48 other spots, see http://bit.ly/4zHN7X.

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    Climategate or Viagragate in Copenhagen 

    Barack and Nicolas Speak Up For Men

    As Tiger could perhaps attest, women consider athletes the most sexy male profession (78%), while politicians rate as the least sexy (14%), according to a http://www.girl.com.au poll.

    We’d have to beg to differ though where those international diplomatic stars US President Barack Obama and French President Nicholas Sarokzy are concerned.

    Both are leaders married to great women, appear to have excellent relationships, and both make “best-dressed men” lists alongside David Beckham and Brad Pitt.

    So it came as no surprise that at a recent international meeting they went into bat for men not as fortunate as themselves, men feeling the bite of fading virility, dare I say it, men facing up to erectile dysfunction.

    View the results for yourself. And if you like it, go into bat for men too and drop a comment on youtube video

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