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    Beckham on Condoms 

    Hot for David Beckham?

    beckhamNow he can be part of your sex life – sort of.

    Condoms bearing Beckham’s image may soon be sold at the gift shop of the Thyssen-Bornemisza museum in Madrid, Spain, according to the Guardian.

    Packaging will be decorated with art works that’ll be on display in the museum’s Tears of Eros exhibit from late October. The exhibit will include British conceptual artist Sam Taylor-Wood’s sleeping David video, which features the professional soccer player.

    Sex and Death

    Tears of Eros will house 119 works and examine “the close relationship between sexual desire and the death instinct,” among other things, according to the Guardian.

    The campaign involving the soccer-player clad condoms has not yet been finalized, but museum sources told Guardian that it’s well on its way. “The condom manufacturers are keen, so we are pretty sure it will happen,” says a museum spokesman.

    Baroness Thyssen, a former Spanish beauty queen whose art-collector husband founded the museum, doesn’t foresee any controversy.

    “I don’t see why anyone should be scandalized,” she says. “It is a way of bringing art and responsibility together.”

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    Talking about impotence 

    timShould men feel free to talk about their sex life following prostate cancer treatment or is it a case of “who cares” – or even worse – “Shut up, it’s in bad taste.”

    That’s the interesting question raised by comments on a recent story in the Sydney Morning Herald headlined Husband sacrifices sex to stay alive.

    In it Sydney engineer Tim Maddever, (pictured above) a 46-year-old married man with teenaged children, discussed the dilemma of agreeing to prompt prostate cancer surgery which meant “in all likelihood he will see his teenage children grow to adulthood.

    “For that privilege he has swapped a happy, spontaneous sex life, and the loss has been harrowing.”

    Mental Challenge

    ”It’s as much a change mentally as it is physically,” Tim Maddever explained.  ”The nerves were preserved but the sexual function is not straightforward. The libido is different and the orgasm process is different. I’d prefer to be back the way I was, but on the other hand good health is the main thing. Now it’s done I’m glad.

    ”From the point of view of being confident I’m going to see my grandkids, exceedingly glad.”

    Oh Just Shut Up!

    Some of the comments that followed this admission were supportive, and congratulated Tim Maddever on his willingness to talk publicly about his experience.

    Others though, were apparently upset that sex was openly discussed.

    Said Jimmy Monkey; “Why is this even a story? Lots of people sacrifice lots of things to live longer or be around for other people. I can see the one benefit is to get guys to get a check up, but frankly the story seems to focus on how sex is now a bit awkward . . . who cares, if you still get to live??? I think SMH needs some perspective.”

    Very Poor Taste

    And another identified as NrKy: “I feel empathy for any man who’s had to undergo the trauma that is prostate cancer, however, I do not take kindly to the title of this article. The title of this article is suggestive that Mr. Maddever is making a CHOICE whether or not to live or have sex. This makes men look like bumbling sex-crazed idiots, which we are most certainly not. I am glad that this article is bringing prostate cancer awareness into light, however it is in very, very poor taste.”

    Woman’s Perspective

    And if you wanted one in the “anything you can do I can do better” vein how about this emphatic female:  “Sacrifice’?? At least Tim had his nerves preserved. Ask any woman about their sex life after a Caesarean section… Not to mention their libido after having, and rearing, children in general. Of course it’s news when ‘men’ and ‘sex’ are in the same sentence! So yes, NrKy and Jimmy Monkey, I, too, am so disappointed in the weighty title. Shame on you, I thought you were all for equality.”

    Talking – Good or Not?

    Talking about issues around any health problem seems like a great idea to us, and about sex after prostate cancer its especially recommended.

    Just for starters:

    • Sex is important to men
    • Sex is important in a relationship and for the affected partner
    • Communicating about feelings is wonderful for relationships at any time
    • Talking about it helps other men
    • Talking also enables men confronting treatment-caused erectile dysfunction to find other ways to express themselves sexually
    • Yes getting an erection is not the only way a man can express affection and desire – but if he doesn’t start talking he’ll never discover that.

    What Do You Think?

    Do you agree Tim Maddever should have kept his sex life – or lack of it – hidden under the sheets? Should he be congratulated for talking about a sensitive subject, or is it better to continue the “bury your head in the sand and hope I don’t get it” approach to prostate cancer?  What do you think?

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    Caffeine and Your Sex Life 

    love coffeeWe drink around 4.4kgs each of it a year – that’s around 3 cups a day – and at those levels your mid morning coffee break is probably good for your health.

    It stimulates the nerve endings so gives a better mood, less fatigue, clearer thinking and better attention. Your metabolism speeds up, heart rate increases, bringing more oxygen to the muscles and generating more energy.

    But what about your sex life? There’s a confusing range of opinion about the impact caffeine has on sexual performance, from anecdotal forum comment from men saying they notice a distinct improvement when they drink less coffee, to recent research indicating  that for diabetic men in particular, a daily cup of coffee or two can improve sex by making diabetic medicines work more effectively.

    The secret it seems is in the level of consumption – below five cups a day it can be beneficial. Down five or more cups a day and you’ll be in danger of putting your sex life into reverse.

    Coffee for Diabetic Men’s Sex Lives

    Erectile dysfunction (ED) impacts between 35 to 75% of all male diabetic patients, three times the amount reported in non-diabetic males.

    While medications have been developed for ED, diabetic ED remains difficult to treat and no single treatment has proven effective for all diabetic men with ED.

    But a new joint Chinese-American study showing caffeine reversed ED in diabetic rats is giving new hope for a better love life for diabetic men.

    How Coffee Helped Improve Sex

    Erections are created by blood flow to the penis, and are dependent on what scientists refer to as the “NOcGMP pathway” (the Nitric Oxide pathway). In diabetic men, relaxation of penile arteries – allowing blood flow – is severely constricted.

    ED has most often been treated with medicines that act as inhibitors to prevent constriction, and because caffeine is a non-selective inhibitor, scientists in this study hypothesized that caffeine could help elevate cGMP and reduce constriction.

    Diabetic rats given caffeine for 8 weeks enjoy partially restored erectile function, and scientists predict a combination of caffeine and medication offers future treatment hopes.

    As a result of the study, the scientists gave a big tick to moderate coffee consumption – but warned that high levels (500mg – or more than five cups a day) could have negative effects such as impaired sleep and increased anxiety, both well-known factors in ED.

    Herbs for Sexual Performance

    Coffee is not the only natural stimulant which effects constriction and relaxation of blood supply to the penis. The so-called PDE-5 inhibitors – found in herbs like horny goat weed – operate in a similar way. Some herbal treatments for erectile dysfunction like Herbal Ignite contain horny goat weed as part of their formula. Etc etc – Sam can you improve this a bit?

    “Effect of Caffeine on Erectile Function Via Up-Regulating Cavernous cGMP in Diabetic Rats” appeared in the April 17, 2008 edition of the Journal of Andrology, published by the Department of Urology, Affiliated Drum Tower Hospital, Nanjing University, School of Medicine, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China ,and the University of Texas Medical School’s Department of Urology and MD. Anderson Cancer Center, both in Houston. Contributors included Run Wang, MD, FACS and Yutian Dai, MD, PhD with Rong Yang, Jiuling Wang, Yun Chen, and Zeyu, Sun.

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