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    Climategate or Viagragate in Copenhagen 

    Barack and Nicolas Speak Up For Men

    As Tiger could perhaps attest, women consider athletes the most sexy male profession (78%), while politicians rate as the least sexy (14%), according to a http://www.girl.com.au poll.

    We’d have to beg to differ though where those international diplomatic stars US President Barack Obama and French President Nicholas Sarokzy are concerned.

    Both are leaders married to great women, appear to have excellent relationships, and both make “best-dressed men” lists alongside David Beckham and Brad Pitt.

    So it came as no surprise that at a recent international meeting they went into bat for men not as fortunate as themselves, men feeling the bite of fading virility, dare I say it, men facing up to erectile dysfunction.

    View the results for yourself. And if you like it, go into bat for men too and drop a comment on youtube video

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    Hoax Death Makes Jeff Goldblum Sexy 

    Jeff GoldblumActor Jeff Goldblum is getting a lot of mileage out of false reports of his premature death – and sneakily boosting his sexual prowess as he does it. Even TV cop show Law and Order: Criminal Intent, which he joined late last year, is capitalising on the attention.

    First Goldblum mocked Australian Channel Nine’s Today show reporter Richard Wilkins – who picked the false report up off Twitter and gave it “legitimate” news status – on The Colbert Report.

    The result – as the Sydney Morning Herald reported in a “most read” news item – was a “glorious” send up, with 56-year-old Goldblum slyly hyping his lover-boy status in his eulogy to himself.

    “Amazing in Bed”

    “Jeff Goldblum’s performances combined the muscularity of Brando, the pathos of Streep, and the musky sensuality of a pride of baboons,” he rhapsodised.

    “One former conquest raved that sleeping with Jeff Goldblum was like ‘being caught in a flesh-storm, with a 90 per cent chance of satisfaction’.

    “I cannot overstate how amazing Jeff Goldblum was in bed.”

    Then last weekend he followed that up with a promo for Law and Order: Criminal Intent, replaying a fake death news clip and commenting with a wink that “you can’t believe anything young people say.”

    Unlikely Sex Symbol

    Celebrity gossip sites report the former Jurassic Park and Independence Day star – whose previous partners include actresses Laura Dern and Geena Davis (his wife from 1987 – 90) – has found new love with former Lost actress Tania Raymonde, (21), so maybe the boasting about his winning bedside manner is justified.

    Tall, gangly, and oddly handsome, he’s an unlikely sex symbol who appeals to women fond of eccentric intellectual types.

    Scotsman Claims Responsibility
    The Twitter death report was apparently generated through the same fake news generator site fakeawish.com that erroneously reported on the deaths in New Zealand of Tom Hanks (in 2006) and Tom Cruise (in 2008).

    Blogger John Skelton – who claims to be an Aberdeen (UK) based multimedia developer – says he started the hoax as a practical joke intended for just two friends. (http://johnskelton.blogspot.com/2009/06/great-jeff-goldblum-twitter-hoax.html).

    Fakeawish.com allows users to plug a celebrity’s name into made-up stories. A top option on the site is to plug a male celebrity’s name into a “dies in New Zealand” article.

    John Skelton claimed he chose Jeff Goldblum because “he seems like the kind of actor someone would have a strong emotional response to. I had considered using Bill Murray but for some reason didn’t feel it would have the same impact.”

    At the height of its popularity the Goldblum item was the second most searched term on Google and Twitter after ‘Michael Jackson Dead.’ The Google trends show that it was the 4th most popular search phrase overall on the 25th June. – Top Google Trends for 25th June

    Want to be “Amazing in Bed?”

    If you’re feeling more dead than alive on the sexual front, don’t put off facing up to the premature demise of your love life. Help is available in a range of therapeutic treatments, from pharmaceuticals like Viagra and Cialis to natural herbal supplements like Herbal Ignite which boost both performance and libido.

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    Men’s Sex Secrets Revealed 

    A flood of New Zealand men have contacted Australian sex researcher Bettina Arendt eager to talk about their sex lives following publicity of her latest book The Sex Diaries, based on the sex diaries of 98 couples written over six to nine months.

    The intimate personal records uncovered a problem one man described as “one of society’s best kept secrets” – the reluctance of many married women to engage in regular sex with their partners.

    Now Bettina plans to take her research to a deeper level for her next book, Male Sex Diaries, and she is looking for men willing to take part in her research.

    Time to Ask – What Do Men Want?

    Men wanting to share their personal experience on a whole range of topics – from ‘What men look for in a lover’ ; ‘Are women hard to please?’ ; ‘Ripped off by the impotence industry?’ ; and ‘Using pornography and what women feel about it’ are encouraged to get in touch with Bettina Arndt through her website http://www.bettinaarndt.com.au

    The author’s sympathy with male frustration and her suggestion that women adopt more of a “just do it” attitude to sex has angered some women’s groups, but Bettina is unrepentant.

    “I find it outrageous we have reached the state of affairs where women think it’s OK for men to just put up with having no sex or intermittent sex,” she says. “Many women seem able to conclude sex is an optional extra in the relationship.”

    Say ‘Yes’ More Often

    The problem is that many women seem biologically programmed to lose interest in sex a few years into a relationship, says Bettina Arndt.  “Research in Germany showed that four years into a relationship fewer than half of 30-year-old women wanted steady regular sex.

    “It simply hasn’t worked to have a couple’s sex life hinge on the fragile female libido. The right to say “no” needs to give way to the right to say “yes” more often – provided both men and women end up enjoying the experience.”

    Research by Professor Rosemary Basson from British Columbia has shown many people can experience arousal and orgasm without prior desire, she says. Provided there’s a willingness to be receptive, the rest follows.

    More and Better Sex

    “Once the canoe is in the water, everyone starts happily paddling. For couples to experience regular, pleasurable sex and sustain loving relationships women must get over that ideological roadblock of assumptions about desire and ”just do it”. The result will be both men and women will enjoy more, better sex.

    The Sex Diaries argues that 50 years of feminism has led women to think that if they don’t feel desire, there’s no need to have sex. The right to say ‘no’ is one of the outstanding achievements of feminism, the book suggests.

    Battle of the Sexes Power Shift

    ‘‘The control of the sex supply nicely demonstrates the shift in the past 40 years between men and women,” says Bettina Arndt. “Before, women had to tolerate sex because they had no choice if the men wanted it. Then along came the ’60s, the women’s movement, economic independence and the notion that women were entitled to happiness.

    “So now it is men who are more emotionally dependent on their relationships . . . choosing to bite their tongues. Men are very conscious that the woman might leave if they put too much pressure on her.’’

    No Sex No Laughing Matterfrustrated-man

    Men really welcomed the opportunity to express their feelings about this in the sex diaries, she says.

    “Men might tell jokes about sexually deprived husbands, but talk to them privately and they aren’t laughing. Many feel duped, disappointed, in despair at finding themselves spending their lives begging for sex from their loved partners. They are stunned they find their needs so totally ignored.”

    In some cases, keeping the diaries helped couples open up communication on what had become a tense topic, says Bettina.

    Low Libido Answers

    Not all women suffer from low libido.  Some women – dubbed “juicy tomatoes” by Bettina Arndt – maintain a high sex drive within secure relationships.  And for those who do experience a fall in sexual interest, “just putting up with it” is not the only solution. Herbal supplements like Herbal Ignite http://www.herbalignite.com help increase sexual interest and desire in men and women in a natural, non-invasive way. Herbal Ignite also contains at herbal anti stress component to help reduce anxiety around “the sex question”.

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    Bizarre law turns Coffee, Chocolate into prescription drugs 

    It could be a case of “Doctor Doctor, I need my morning coffee script renewed,” if a bizarre move to ban spiked herbal sex pills is approved. That’s because coffee, as well as chocolate, pomegranate juice and a host of other ‘normal and safe’ foods and herbs contain the active ingredients similar to those in ED drugs Viagra, Cialis and Levitra.

    waitress2And in a bid to control “Green Viagra” – sex pills adulterated with ED drugs – New Zealand authorities are gunning for any substance containing PDE-5 inhibitors, the thing that makes ED drugs work.

    In a move that natural health advocates suspect is directly from mega pharma interests keen to squash competition, popular men’s sex herbs horny goat weed and guarana could also be made prescription only medicines.

    Many people prefer herbal alternatives because they are more relaxed and natural to use, and don’t produce a feeling of “compulsion” on female partners to comply so the man “get’s his money’s worth”.

    Popular herbal sex tonic Herbal Ignite is one supplement likely to be affected by the change, because it contains horny goat weed, with the active ingredient icarin, a PDE-5 inhibitor.

    If the regulators carry through with their proposal, New Zealand will be the only country in the world that makes horny goat weed into a prescription medicine – they obviously think it works!

    The muddle has occurred because health authorities understandably want to control sales of “spiked” sex pills, many of them produced in Asia, adulterated with active ingredients (the so-called PDE-5 inhibitors) from ED medicines Viagra, Cialis and Levitra.

    But in their enthusiasm to curb sale of the adulterated pills, NZ health regulators are recommending that any substance containing a PDE-5 inhibitor be made a prescription medicine.

    The problem is PDE-5 inhibitors are found in smaller or greater amounts in many foods and herbs, and the recommendation suggests a blanket ban without any reference to risk levels or the strength of the active ingredient.

    Herbal Ignite managing director Tim Bickerstaff said his company was fully behind the moves to outlaw “spiked” sex pills because they gave all herbal enhancement products a bad name.

    “These ‘spiked’ pills claim to be totally natural and yet they contain undeclared amounts of drugs,” he says.

    “That could be dangerous. It highlights the importance for the public to find a product they can trust,” said Tim Bickerstaff, who launched his men’s sex tonic Ignite ten years ago.

    However Tim Bickerstaff says he believes the NZ authorities already have the power to deal with the problem, just as the FDA did in the USA, without outlawing a safe and effective herb.

    “If they find “spiked” herbal products in their testing they can prosecute them under several different laws, including the Medicines Act, Medicines Regulations and the Dietary Supplements Regulations. They don’t need to introduce more red tape – and give the pharmaceutical companies a free run.”

    • SALLY TAS 5:04 am on May 6, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      I am surprised to read this, knew nothing about it. It certainly sounds like something the mega pharma interests would be behind. They are always after any nutritional supplements.

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