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    5 Worst Valentine’s Gifts 

    If you’re feeling sour rather than sweet about your 21010 Valentine, we’ve got suggestions for the Five Worst Valentine’s Gifts ever. These are little somethings that are guaranteed to offend.  If you risk giving them, be ready to handle the fall out, or make sure the (misplaced?) object of your affections has a great sense of humor.

    1) Sex for Dummies Book

    2) Installing two person loo for your loved one to poo at the same time as you

    3) Underwear to fit two people

    4) Chocolate scale to remind her that she’s got lots to lose

    5) Remove your own dead skin and fallen hair

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    Tags: chocolate, Dr Imre Janszky, good for heart, heart attack, Karolinksa Institute, reduced risk of dying, Swedish study   

    Holiday Chocs ‘Good for Heart’ 

    If you’re feeling guilty because you’ve been snacking on holiday chocolate treats, don’t. New research shows you are giving your heart protection against attacks – just as long as you are not already overweight or diabetic.

    Eating chocolate two or three times a week cut the risk of dying from heart disease nearly three fold in a group of heart attack survivors studied by Swedish scientists.

    The researchers concluded eating chocolate led to lower blood pressure and reduced chance of dying of heart disease.

    Chocolate ‘Prevents Death’

    Of the 1,169 patients (aged 45 to 70) studied, those who ate chocolate two or more times a week cut their risk of dying from heart disease nearly threefold compared to those who didn’t eat chocolate at all, said the study’s lead author, Dr. Imre Janszky of Karolinska Institute.

    Jansky’s study also suggested antioxidants in cacao cut the risk of death from heart disease in healthy older men and post-menopausal women.

    The research, published in the September 2009 issue of the Journal of Internal Medicine. is believed to be the first study that demonstrates that chocolate can help prevent death in heart attack survivors.

    Some Chocolate Better than None

    The study suggested smaller quantities of chocolate granted lower levels of heart protection, but were still better than not eating it at all.

    The research built upon earlier work which suggested a strong link between cocoa-based products and improvement in blood flow.

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    Tags: aids weight loss, boosts sex, , chocolate, civet coffee, cola, drinking coffee, increases infertility, Jack Nicholson, Kopi Luwak, reduces Parkinsons, Starbucks, The Bucket List   

    Caffeine – Sex Booster or Cause of Infertility? 

    sex booster
    Four out of five Americans and two out of five Australians start the day with a coffee.

    It’s almost certainly not the same brew –“the best coffee in the world” – consumed by Jack Nicholson’s character in the 2007 movie The Bucket List.

    That was a rare blend known as Kopi Luwak, civet coffee – where the beans have passed through the digestive tracts of civet cats, and are gathered when the seeds, still coated in some cherry mucilage, are eliminated in the cat’s “poop”. Great!

    But whether you take your daily caffeine fix in Kopi Luwak or Starbucks, in cola, chocolate or black tea – there’s truckloads of conflicting evidence about whether caffeine is good for your health and love life, whether it boosts sexual desire or causes infertility.

    Good and Bad News About Caffeine

    Good: A new study shows caffeine gets females in the mood for sex. With a few provisos – if you’re a female rat who hasn’t previously experienced a caffeine “lift”  – it had them coming back for more – sex that is not coffee.

    Researcher Fay Guarraci, an assistant professor of psychology at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas, is cautious about whether it would boost women’s sex lives in the same way.

    “We gave only one dose of caffeine to animals who had never had caffeine before.

    “Most of the time, women drink coffee on a daily basis or ingest caffeine in cola beverages,” she observes. “In humans, it might enhance the sexual experience only among people who are not habitual users.”

    Bad:  More than four cups of coffee a day increases infertility in women who are already subfertile, according to a new European study. For many women though, it probably won’t make any difference.

    One study done in 2003 showed women who consumed less than 300 mg of caffeine a day (appx 2-3 cups of coffee) a day did not experience reduced fertility.

    Yet another study of over 1000 women found the risk of not conceiving to go up with each additional cup of coffee, where even one cup reduced a woman’s ability to conceive.

    The results are mixed for men as well. One study showed that sperm count, motility and abnormalities increased with the number of cups of coffee drank in a day – while another Brazilian study showed increased motility for mild to heavy coffee drinkers.

    Good: Coffee drinkers had a significantly reduced risk of diabetes, Parkinson’s Disease, cirrhosis of the liver, and gallstones.

    • A recent Harvard study of over 126,000 people conducted over 18 years found that compared to non-coffee drinkers, drinking 1-3 cups of coffee a day will reduce the risk of diabetes by single digits, but drinking 6 or more cups a day reduced that risk by 30% in women and 54% in men.
    • At least six studies have shown coffee drinkers are significantly less likely to develop Parkinson’s Disease (at least three studies showed that the more coffee you drank, the lower your risk).
    • Coffee drinking reduces the risk of cirrhosis of the liver by up to 80%, and cuts the risk of gall stones in half.

    Bad: Random Coffee Fact: People who buy coffee primarily at drive through windows on their way to work will spend as much as 45 hours a year waiting in line.

    Good: Caffeine aids weight loss

    Caffeine speeds your body’s metabolism so you burn calories at a faster rate, and it breaks down fat. Fat conversion is up to 30% more efficient when you consume caffeine before you exercise. It also keeps blood sugar levels higher, reducing appetite.

    “A Little Bad, A Lot of Good”

    Concludes Dr. Tomas DePaulis at Vanderbilt University Institute for Coffee Studies: “Overall, the research shows that coffee is far more helpful than harmful.” Drinking coffee, he says, brings little bad, but a lot of good.

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    Tags: chocolate, , euphemism, expression, fun, joan sewell, , make love, , quickies, , , sex therapy, sexuality, sexy lingerie, spiritual act, unwanted sex   

    I would rather eat chocolate!! 

    eating chocolateYou’re married or in a long term relationship, enjoying mutually satisfying intimate relations.  When you and your partner are together do you “make love” or are you “having sex”? Do you care what you call it?

    Author Joan Sewell does.  In her witty personal memoir I’d Rather Eat Chocolate (Broadway Books New York) in which she devotes 200 pages to justifying her low libido, she reckons “making love” is a term used to pressure women to have “unwanted sex” with their husbands. It’s a term used to “convince women that what they are doing each and every time they have sex is a loving thing for him…

    ‘Good Book’ Better Than Sex

    What “started out as a polite euphemism for having sex” is now taken literally, she says.  “And I am not convinced that sex is primarily, or even usually, an expression of love.”

    Joan claims a lot of women experience the same disinterest she does in having sex. “If I had a choice between reading a good book and having sex, the book wins. My boyfriend – the man I would eventually marry – would take even bad sex over a good book.”

    As for “making love” – well she says the term “went out of style in the 60s and 70s when how-to-sex books favoured a more straightforward rendering of sexuality.”

    Guilt Trip for Low Libido Women

    Now she says the “pro-family traditionalists have sided with the skin peddlers and feminists hoping to tug my sexuality in a more lustful direction to sell their products, save my marriage or make their point.

    “The sexperts would have us assume that after men get into a committed relationship, sex undergoes a magical transformation in men’s minds, from a drive that causes them to pant after women in bars and nightclubs looking to get laid, into a beautiful expression of emotional regard.

    “But if men did think of sex as love, we wouldn’t have to worry about men getting bored sexually in marriage. Can a man get tired of expressing love for his dear wife?”

    Noone could accuse Joan of not being willing to try hard at being sexy for Kip, her patient spouse.

    What Joan and Her Husband Tried That Didn’t Work

    • Sex therapy.
    • Giving sex as a gift.
    • Thinking of sex as a spiritual act.
    • Thinking naughty thoughts.
    • Simulating lust.
    • Having quickies.
    • Wearing sexy lingerie.
    • Being spontaneous.
    • Faking it.
    • Trying for better orgasms.
    • Having a platonic relationship.
    • The results? “We went from  sex once a week, to once every two weeks, to less than once a month and less . . .

    What Finally Worked for Joan and Her Husband

    • Giving her total control over their sex life.
    • Not worrying about orgasms.
    • Agreeing to stop when she wanted.
    • Scheduled regular date nights.
    • Honest communication about their sexual desires.
    • Joan: “Having a positive attitude toward sex was key to my success… I mean that when sex was no longer a chore, I could approach it positively, without dread. . . It was very freeing and very fun.”

    Herbs for Low Libido

    Tribulus Terrestris.

    Tribulus terrestris supports sex drive, ovulation and sexual reproduction functions through supporting healthy levels of Follicle Stimulating Hormone.


    In recent studies, a daily dose of Horny Goat Weed helped by supporting blood circulation to the sex organs
    •    Women benefit from the increased blood flow to sexual organs – assisting orgasm.
    •    Epimedium also seems to heighten the sensitivity of nerve endings in the skin, which would also indirectly reinforce sexual stimulation.

    Avena Sativa

    Modern studies at the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality have shown that avena sativa aids sexual arousal.

    DSC_0230 - CopyHerbal Ignite (www.herbalignite.com)

    Herbal Ignite contains a unique formulation of the above mentioned herbs. Herbal Ignite’s special formula has helped many women and men with sexual arousal and an improved sense of well being with minimal unwanted side effects. You can discover the benefits of Herbal Ignite for a normal sex life.

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    Tags: almonds, antioxidant, chocolate, cravings, endorphins, magnesium, , Nutrition, oatmeal, phenylethylamine, pumpkin seeds, taste good, tetrahydrocannabinol, THC   

    Breaking the No 1 Food Addiction – Chocolate 

    According to the Journal of Nutrition, chocolate is the most widely craved food in America. It’s easy to see why – it tastes good, it’s sensuous – but chocolate also contains key ingredients that may be linked to why we crave it so much.


    Chocolate’s reputation as an aphrodisiac stems from its phenylethylamine content, which regulates the body’s release of endorphins. Endorphins are natural mood lifters and often have a calming effect when the body is stressed.

    Chocolate also contains traces of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a substance found in marijuana. THC reacts with cells in the brain to release dopamine, one of the neurotransmitters responsible for the release of endorphins. The “high” from marijuana is therefore replicated to a much lesser degree when eating chocolate.

    Some nutritionists suggest chocolate cravings suggest a lack of magnesium.

    In addition to its “feel good” qualities, chocolate contains large amounts of iron, a mineral that can be depleted during a woman’s menstruation cycle. The next time you’re craving chocolate, consider the reasons behind it, and look for a healthier alternative that will deliver the same results (and satisfy your food cravings).

    Breaking Chocolate Cravings
    Exercise and sufficient sleep are two of the best natural sources of endorphins and will bring many other added benefits, including stress relief.

    To increase your iron intake, you may want to take a daily multivitamin or eat more beans, pumpkin seeds, liver, clams, oysters, mussels and black strap molasses.

    To increase your magnesium intake, eat more raw nuts, especially almonds, cashews and pine nuts, oatmeal, pumpkin seeds, beans, spinach and tomato paste.

    If you just have to get that chocolate fix, try dark chocolate to reap its antioxidant benefits!

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    Tags: chocolate, conscience, dark chocolate, , excuses, , preservatives, , south american, truffles,   

    Plenty of Good Reasons to Eat Chocolate 

    Generally festive seasons such as Christmas, Easter and birthdays are good enough excuses for eating chocolate.

    However with none of these in sight for the next five months I was looking for some guilt-free excuses for eating chocolate, and I have compiled a list to sooth my – and perhaps your – conscience.
    1.      It is a hot day and I cannot leave chocolate behind in the car, so I had better eat it before it melts.

    2.      Eating chocolate can help improve your maths. That’s according to Prof David Kennedy, director of the brain, performance and nutrition research centre at Northumbria University, and a co-author of a study which showed chocolate could be beneficial for mentally challenging tasks.

    3.      I am supporting the economy of a developing country in South American by eating chocolate; it is for a greater good.

    4.      I am eating chocolate for the fruit and nut in it.

    5.      Use the term sampling chocolate instead of eating. Example: I am sampling this handmade chocolate truffle.

    6.      If I eat equal amounts of dark chocolate and white chocolate, is that a balanced diet? Don’t they actually counteract each other?

    7.      A nice box of chocolates can provide your total daily intake of calories in one place. Isn’t that handy?

    8.      Put “eat chocolate” at the top of your list of things to do today. That way, at least you’ll get one thing done.

    9.      It’s got protein in it. “A chocolate bar has around 3-4 grams of protein.”

    10.   It can prolong your life. “Men who ate the most chocolate had a 47 percent lower mortality rate over 15 years than a similar group that consumed little chocolate.”

    11.  This chocolate bar is not mine; I am holding it for a friend.

    12.  Chocolate has many preservatives. Preservatives make you look younger.

    13.  Q. Why is there no such organization as Chocoholics Anonymous?
    A.      Because no one wants to quit.

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