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    Drunkest Ever Guy Goes For Beer 

    This guy gives new meaning to the word “paralytic” drunk and that’s for sure. The Drunkest Guy Ever has already gathered millions of YouTube views and you can see why – it’s horribly riveting to watch him scuttle around on his back like a crippled beetle, trying to right itself.

    And you can bet his problems in “getting up” will extend far beyond standing on his two legs.

    His girl friend – if this loser has a woman in his life which would be surprising – will have already discovered that excess alcohol consumption produces budding “super-studs” who end up being “all talk and no action!”

    Alcohol Abuse Causes Impotence

    Case studies have shown that long-term alcohol abuse causes alcohol impotence in men even when they are sober.

    The bottom line is that at best excess alcohol leads to chronic sexual under-performance and at worst chronic alcohol impotence.

    Yet other recent research shows women with any brains don’t stick around for men who drink and smoke excessively. Sorry buddy, failing to get more beer is the least of your problems!

    Herbal Help

    Herbal alternatives can help with erectile dysfunction, but if you’re drinking as heavily as our friend here is, there’s nothing going to save you from a life of bummed out sexual disappointments.  For the rest of the men in more control of their lives, there’s Herbal Ignite.

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    Wine Before Dinner Disturbs Sleep, Adds Kilos 

    man drinkingI used to be wedded to my pre-dinner drink – a sip of chardonnay or sauvignon blanc while I cooked dinner, with perhaps a second to follow while I ate.

    It seemed like a harmless reward at the end of the day, a nice way to unwind and just forget about the day’s petty irritations.  Never mind that it might add a few grams on the waistline, there was plenty of research to show having a wine now and then was good for my health – wasn’t there?

    Then a friend went to Fiji for a month-long holiday with non-drinking friends and remarked she came back 7kg lighter simply from giving up her nightly tipple.

    Do You Wake Feeling Exhausted?

    At about the same time I noticed  I seemed to sleep through the night undisturbed when I had NOT had wine, when I’d developed an annoying pattern of waking at 2am and staying wide awake till 3 or 4am on other nights – meaning I woke at 7am feeling exhausted.

    It got me thinking, but I didn’t put it all together until I Googled alcohol and sleep and found plenty of research which shows that while having that evening drink can hasten you getting to sleep – and yes I was also falling asleep over my book when I went to bed – it also disturbs sleep later in the night as its sedative effects wear off.

    My ignorance about this sleep disturbing affect of alcohol is not unusual.  A British Government survey of 2000 drinkers published last month showed 58% did not realise regular drinking could disturb their sleep.

    REM Deep Sleep Affected

    The recommended daily intake for men is no more than four units a day – the equivalent of two pints of regular-strength beer, and for women no more than three units – the equivalent of a large, 250ml glass of wine.

    Alcohol apparently disrupts the “REM” stage of sleep, which is thought necessary for a deep and effective slumber.

    Studies show that a moderate dose of alcohol consumed as much as 6 hours before bedtime can increase wakefulness during the second half of sleep.

    After drinking the body tends to fall straight into a deep sleep, and only enters the REM stage once the alcohol has been metabolised.

    Permanent Sleep “Catch Up”

    As the body wakes more easily from REM sleep, many drinkers find they stir early in the morning without feeling as if they have slept properly.

    Sleep experts like Jessica Alexander from the UK Sleep Council say if you find yourself drinking above the recommended daily limits most days of the week, your body may be constantly trying to catch up and then it’s likely you’ll never feel fully alert or equipped to deal with the stresses and strains of daily life.”

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    Smelling Good and Bad Love 

    smelling good love copy

    When it comes to discerning a new hot love, we should trust our noses. That’s the message from new research which shows that amongst the 10,000 different odours we humans can smell, the one that might be most critical to our future is the unconscious one of sniffing out a compatible mate.

    Scent not only tells males which females are primed to conceive, but it also lets both sexes sense compatible and incompatible partners.

    That’s because scientists are discovering smell helps attract us to partners whose MHC complex (part of a constellation of genes that control the immune system) is most different to our own, increasing our chances of good sexual chemistry and successful reproduction.

    Varied MHC receptors not only increase our ability to fight infection, but MHC is also involved in tissue rejection. Conceive a child with a person whose MHC is too similar to your own, and the risk increases that the womb will expel the fetus. Find a partner with sufficiently different MHC, and you’re likelier to carry a baby to term.

    The T shirt test

    Studies show that laboratory mice can smell too-similar MHC in the urine of other mice and will avoid mating with those individuals. In research at the University of Bern in Switzerland, human females were asked to smell T shirts worn by anonymous males and then pick which ones appealed to them.

    Time and again, they chose the ones worn by men with a safely different MHC – except for women who were on the birth control pill. The Pill – which chemically simulates pregnancy – – throws women off the MHC scent, vastly increasing the chances of choosing a “Bad Love” partner. When women discontinue the daily hormone dose, the protective smell mechanism kicks back in.

    Risking bad love

    Another hormone to mask our ability to detect incompatible MHC is adrenaline. Any overwhelming emotional experience that ratchets up your sensory system can distort your perceptions, persuading you to take a chance on someone you should avoid.

    Research shows that people who meet during a crisis–an emergency landing of their airplane, say–may be much more inclined to believe they’ve found the person meant for them.

    If that sounds a lot like what happens when people meet and date under the regular influence of drugs or alcohol, only to sober up later and wonder what in the world they were thinking, that’s because in both cases powerful chemistry is running the show. When hormones and natural opioids get activated, psychologist and sex researcher Jim Pfaus of Concordia University in Montreal told Time magazine, you start drawing connections to the person who was present when those good feelings were created. “You think someone made you feel good,” Pfaus says, “but really it’s your brain that made you feel good.”

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    10 Effective steps to get rid of Beer Belly 

    What have Jack Black, Jack Nicholson and John Travolta got in common with nearly half of all men in the US, the UK and Australia? As evidenced in recent paparazzi shots, they’re all showing signs of the dreaded “beer belly” – that bulge around the abdomen that hangs unattractively over a chap’s pants and increases the likelihood of heart disease, diabetes and dementia. That’s right, latest research shows if you’ve got a big belly in your 40s, you’ve got up to a 30 per cent greater chance of having dementia in your 70s.*

    Whatever you call it, beer gut, beer pot or beer belly may not necessarily have a lot do to with beer drinking – but almost certainly alcohol consumption of some sort will play a big part in its creation.

    So how do I get rid of beer gut fat?


    It’s difficult to lose beer gut fat but not impossible. The trick is to take your time, cut out the alcohol or reduce it a lot, and take up something you enjoy that will provide regular exercise. Here’s a quick guide to how to do it:

    Ten Tips for Banishing Your Beer Gut Now

    1) Get inspired Your inspiration will serve as your motivation, so think of something that you really want. Is it being able to look better? Wear cooler clothes? Attract more women? Have more energy? Perform better sexually? If you are motivated by the fact that you can impress that new woman with your sculptured abs, then go lose your beer belly now.

    2) Set realistic goals – If your waistline measures 38 inches, set a goal and make it 37 next month. You can make it 35 on the second, and then 32 on the next. Don’t aim to make it 24 if you are starting from 38 — and even if it’s from 38 to 34, it wouldn’t still be a realistic goal to achieve. Set only the goals you and your body can attain.

    3) Combine aerobic exercise and strength training You won’t get rid of a beer belly just by doing sit ups. Research show that aerobic exercise – swimming, treadmill, speed walking, running, spinning and biking at least four times a week – is required to reduce belly fat. You need to spend at least 45 minutes per session. You should also walk as often as possible.

    4) Strength training While it won’t remove belly fat you’ve already accumulated, strength training does prevent the formation of new deep abdominal fat as proven by Kathryn Schmitz of the School of Medicine in the University of Pennsylvania.* After two years, the middle-aged strength training group members gained only a small percent of deep abdominal fat while the control group gained 21 percent.

    You may want to consider not only working out your abs, but also working out your shoulders, pectorals, back, and arms to help create a more shapely “V” figure, which will help reduce the appearance of your belly. Keep this in mind: bulking up your muscles requires fewer reps (about 8 ) and fewer sets with greater weight. Building leaner muscle requires more reps, more sets, and less weight.

    5) Burn fat slowly Don’t crash diet. You’ll weaken muscle, slow your metabolism, and in the long run damage your health. Instead, aim to reduce your weight by 1 or 2 pounds a week, by eating plenty of fruit, vegetables, whole foods, and reducing fat and sugar. Always eat a good breakfast. Five small meals in a day is highly recommended. You will look good, feel good and stand a much better chance of keeping your weight and your beer gut down permanently.

    6 ) Drink less alcohol There’s a reason they call it a “beer belly,” and drinking less beer, or quitting drinking altogether, will help you lose belly fat. No matter who (or how good looking) the drinker is, beer is bad for a number of reasons. The most obvious reason is the caloric content of beer. The less obvious reasons are the inflammation of the pancreas and liver, and the bloating that often accompany the over-consumption of alcoholic beverages; this includes alcohol mixed with sweet, sugary liquids like soda.

    7) Build exercise into daily routines Park the car a few blocks from work forcing you to walk the rest of the journey every day. If you take the bus or train, try and get off a stop or two early and walk the rest of the journey. Avoid taking lifts and escalators if there are stairs you can take instead.

    8) Reduce sugar Sugar is a big one. The sugar found in junk food and soda is the kind of sugar that burns quickly, unlike those sugars found in fruits and vegetables, which burn more slowly. If your body is processing sugar to create energy, and you’re not using any energy, those sugars will be converted into fat for later use. If you’re going to enjoy sweets, enjoy them right before you use the Stair Master.

    9) A daily lemon — Recognize your best friend when it comes to burning fat: a lemon. The formula is simple. In a glass of lukewarm water, put the juice you have squeezed from half a lemon. It’s the best way to jumpstart your problematic metabolism and it also cleanses your liver.

    10) Drink water – Drinking water after eating is not enough. If you are not drinking enough water a day, then don’t expect to lose your beer belly anytime soon. Eight glasses containing eight ounces of water a day will make your chances of getting rid of beer belly bigger and better.

    The final clincher – bizarre beer gut fact No 3

    Blokes who booze in a big way could end up with not just a belly but ‘big man boobs’ too. Why? Because drinking large amounts of alcohol on a regular basis can cause a slight increase in the production of the female hormone, estrogen, on top of a reduction in the male hormone, testosterone.

    It’s a long term commitment to lose belly fat, but when you’re fit, trim and mentally alert at 70, you’ll be glad you did it.

    * Rachel A. Whitmer, PhD, research scientist of the Kaiser Permanente Division of Research in Oakland, CA, and member of the American Academy of Neurology. Published March 26, 2008, online issue of Neurology, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology.

    * Schmitz KH, Jensen MD, Hannan P. Strength training prevents increase in visceral fat among women. Presented at the American Heart Association’s 46th Annual Conference on Cardiovascular Disease Epidemiology and Prevention in association with the Council on Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Metabolism, Phoenix, AZ, March 2-5, 2006.

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    Bizarre beer belly facts 

    Does what I drink make a difference?

    Different drinks have different calorific contents and a pint of lager or bitter certainly packs in more than a glass of wine, but it all adds up. Every day, a healthy male will consume roughly 1850 calories as part of his diet. Your average pint of bitter contains roughly 200 calories, so if you’re knocking back three or four pints a night that’s almost half your daily nutritional intake. All else being equal, just one beer every evening adds over 1000 calories to the equation each week. In less than a month, an unwanted pound has materialized! And so-called light beers aren’t much help; a 12-ounce serving still contains 100 calories or more.

    How you drink alcohol — how often, how much, when and what kind – also has impact. New research shows binge drinkers develop bigger bellies than people who consume the same amount but drink regularly. Wine drinkers have smaller bellies than hard liquor drinkers.

    Where does your beer gut come from?

    It’s basic maths. You get a beer belly by consuming more calories than your body needs. If you burn off more calories than you consume in food or drink then you lose weight. If you consume more calories than you burn off with exercise then you gain weight. Not rocket science is it?


    Bizarre beer gut fact No 1 – beer doesn’t make you fat

    That’s right – because of the unique ways alcohol is absorbed in the body, your beer belly is not beer fat. This is because alcoholic calories are used by the body first – they are not stored and converted into fat. But the trick is, the body is so busy burning up calories from the alcohol that it doesn’t burn up the calories from the fatty foods that are being eaten at the same time. People tend to eat fatty foods – chips, pies, pizza, peanuts sausage rolls and fatty steaks when they consume beer rather than low fat salads…And it’s the fat from these foods that will be stored around the abdomen.

    Bizarre beer gut fact No 2 – starving yourself to reduce calories won’t help

    In an attempt to avoid gaining weight, some drinkers employ the strategy of substitution: on the days when they imbibe, they subtract food from their menus and replace those calories with alcohol. Aside from the obvious nutritional downside of such a practice, it doesn’t really work. Alcohol exhibits some unique and inconvenient properties that can thwart even the most conscientious calorie counter.

    •    While alcohol consumption may slightly increase one’s metabolic rate—leading to more total calories burned—the calories that are burned are drawn from protein sources (muscle). So, even if drinkers maintain their body weight, they may actually lose muscle mass while gaining fat.

    •    Alcohol interferes with the liver’s ability to break down glycogen stores. This leads to a drop in blood sugar, which triggers the hunger reflex. In many settings where alcohol is consumed, the foods available to deal with those hunger pangs tend to be high in calories.

    •    Alcohol impairs a drinker’s judgment, often leading to the consumption of more calories than usual (typically in the form of high-calorie, low-nutrient-density snacks). And, once a beer or two has been consumed, it isn’t unusual for people to switch to mixed drinks, some of which pack a whopping 800 calories or more.

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