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    Ringo: Great Form Facing 70 

    With a new album, an enduring and happy marriage, and a zest for life that’s the envy of many 30-year-olds, Ringo Starr enters his 70th year with high spirits.

    He’s the eldest of the famous Beatles – he will hit his 70-year milestone on July 7  – and he’s got the newest music.

    He’s not missing a beat as he embarks on a three-week promotional tour for his just-released Y Not album, his 15th solo outing on which fellow Beatle Paul McCartney plays bass on the song ‘Peace Dream’.

    And he plans to mark his 70th by flashing a two-fingered peace sign at noon and playing an evening gig at Radio City Music Hall as part of a summer tour with his latest All-Starr band.

    Last year on the Larry King Show, Starr noted: “I work out. I have a trainer. And I watch what I eat. That’s it really. And I’m in love with a beautiful girl, so it keeps me young.”

    Turning 40 was Harder

    And as he told Randy Lewis of the Los Angeles Times, 70 is “not as big as 40 was. Forty was: ’Oh, God, 40!

    “There’s that damn song, ‘Life Begins at 40.’ No, it’s not so big anymore. I am nearly 70, and I’d love to be nearly 40, but that’s never going to happen.

    “I feel the older I get, the more I’m learning to handle life,”

    Notes Lewis: “His charming Liverpudlian accent is nearly as strong as ever, even though he’s maintained a home in Los Angeles for the last 34 years — the majority of it with actress Barbara Bach, whom he married in 1981 — along with residences in England and Monte Carlo.”

    God Now ‘My Life’

    He’s trim – like McCartney and his late pal Harrison, he’s an avowed vegetarian – looks 15 years younger than his age, and as the years roll by spiritual issues have become more prominent, he says.

    “Being on this quest for a long time, it’s all about finding yourself,” Starr says. “For me, God is in my life. I don’t hide from that. … I think the search has been on since the ’60s. … I stepped off the path there for many years and found my way (back) onto it, thank God.”

    There’s no secret to his successful marriage to Barbara, Starr told USA Today.  “I’m just blessed that she puts up with me. I love the woman. She loves me. There’s less down days than up, and we get on really well. We do spend a lot of time together. That’s the deal.”

    Many Artistic Projects

    Starr says he also needs diverse creative outlets to keep him engaged when he’s not making albums or touring with his All-Starr band. In the 1970s it was acting, now it’s art — a selection of his photos appears inside the album.

    “I am always painting,” he says. “I love photography. It’s easy to take shots. But if you have to choose, it’s music. I love music, I love playing.”

    Ringo was three months older than John Lennon, who would have turned 70 this year. Lennon was 40 when he was shot dead in New York City.

    Paul McCartney will be 68 this year. George Harrison would have been 67.

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    Gordon Ramsay’s ‘Ex’: Tips for the ‘Other Woman’ 

    Is it a case of “Mistresses of the World, Unite?”

    Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay’s newly reformed ex-lover Sarah Symonds has written what she describes as a “taboo-busting book “– and she’s passed it on to Tiger Wood’s mistresses in the hope they’ll “learn something from her mistakes.”

    A bit late for them perhaps, but self-proclaimed “infidelity expert” Sarah is undeterred. She’s also gone on Oprah peddling a non-profit organisation “Mistresses Anonymous” (which includes a 12-step program to recovery).

    Why She Went Public

    Sydney Morning Herald sex and relationships blogger Ask Sam was wondering in print what it was with the abundance of mistresses going public on their affairs, so she asked Sarah why she’d decided to spill the beans on her seven-year-affair with the F-word maestro.

    As the British tabloids were quick to point out, Sarah is the debonair bleached-blonde babe who shouted from atop the pages of every British celebrity tabloid about her affair with Father of the Year Ramsay.

    As Ask Sam notes, “we also quickly learnt that this wasn’t the first time she bonked a married man, with the media dubbing her as “making a career out of sleeping with other people’s husbands”

    Other Woman “Can’t Win”

    “Outing” Ramsay, – she calls it “Gordongate” – had nothing to do with wanting to see her name in lights, she told Ask Sam.

    “I went on record to tell my true story after I heard that Gordon was so hurtfully denying it and me, and lying about our affair,” she told Sam.

    In hindsight (and after much trial and error) Symonds now realises high profile public men like Ramsay and Woods are never going to leave their wives for their mistresses.

    “A married man will 99.9% never leave his wife, and uses a mistress as his crutch to stay in an unhappy marriage,” she says.

    From her recent realisation, she feels her job now is to warn all women against dating a married man and being used in another person’s relationship. So here it is, Sarah’s golden rule for singles.

    Top Five Tips For “Other Women”

    1. Never date a married man! Why be second best?
    2. Do your due diligence when you meet a guy to find out if he is married or not. Some men slip their wedding rings off.
    3. Empower yourself enough to not settle for the crumbs of a married man’s time. Find a SINGLE man.
    4. Wives, act more like mistresses to stop your husbands from cheating on you!
    5. Never believe a word any man tells you. Basically, “if his lips are moving he is lying”.

    Ask Sam (Samantha Brett’s) new book The Chase; Everything you need to know about Men, Dating and Sex is available from February 1 at Booktopia.

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    Adultery ‘No Big Deal’ – Tom Conti 

    There are worse things than being unfaithful, according to movie Lothario Tom Conti in an interview with the Times in which he says sex is nothing more than “an extension of a handshake”.

    The Scottish star of  Shirley Valentine who is rumoured to have had an affair with Diana, Princess of Wales, said he believed that of all the things people could do to one another, sexual infidelity was “probably one of the least terrible”.

    ‘Don’t Upset the Applecart’

    Conti (68) who has been married to Kara Wilson, an actress, for 42 years, says it’s “all about degrees. Of course, if you upset the whole applecart that’s a different story.”

    Conti and his wife are said by actress daughter Nina to have an open marriage in which both have had a string of affairs, and Conti finds some people’s sensitivity to the idea puzzling.

    “The slightest sniff of infidelity and they are reaching for the lawyer,” he said. “I remember a very famous actor with whom I was friendly who, when he was in his seventies, married a girl of 23.

    “He came home unexpectedly one day and she was under the decorator. He phoned me to tell me he was getting divorced. I said ‘the girl is 23. You are 70. You can’t satisfy her every night. Do you want her to live like a nun? Why don’t you just close your eyes to it?’

    “He said he would always worry that she was being unfaithful. I said ‘so worry a little’. But they divorced. It was very stupid. It cost him millions and the woman he is now married to is an absolute bloody nightmare.”

    The Player and the Princess

    In 2003 it was speculated that Conti had had an affair with Diana after Paul Burrell, her former butler, revealed in his memoirs she’d been involved in a relationship with an unnamed actor. The pair were known to have enjoyed a string of lunch dates and Conti attended her funeral in 1997 but has refused to discuss their relationship further.

    “She was delightful, she was lovely,” he said. “It was so sad for the boys because they were such children. A child losing his mother is vulnerable beyond description.”

    He said the secret of his long marriage was “tolerance on both sides” and denied suggestions that his real life mirrored that of the men he has portrayed on screen.

    Is Fidelity Important?

    Do you agree with Conti’s cool assessment of the dangers of adultery? Have you been betrayed and hurt by it? Or do you agree with his “turn a blind eye and tolerate it” approach. Share your views – we’d love to hear what you think.

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    My Frugal Valentine 

    Valentine’s Day is taking a big hit as the third year of recession turns Americans into savers rather than spenders, the NY Times reports.

    Business forecasters say as the financial crisis continues to bite, people are re-evaluating their personal values and making permanent changes to their spending habits.

    The result is Valentine’s Day is returning to its roots, as an intimate card-giving occasion that grew into the second-most marketed holiday after Christmas.

    Cheaper Faster Better!

    For 2010, with apologies to Rodgers and Hart, frugal valentines are likely to supplant funny ones. The mood is epitomized by the cover of the Feb. 17 issue of Woman’s Day magazine. Next to a photograph of a heart-shaped chocolate dessert on a pink plate are these words: “Cheaper, Faster, Better!”

    Long-stemmed roses are being replaced by homemade cards, and personal jewelry by personal poems. Budget restaurants, which have not traditionally been hot spots for lovers, are offering Valentine’s Day specials.

    Creative and Personal

    The Internet abounds with ideas for frugal options, like playlists burned onto CDs and coupons for household chores.

    And even some preparing to propose on Valentine’s are seeking a bargain approach: on Yahoo, searches for “cheap engagement rings” are “off the charts” compared with a year ago.

    Other searches that are up over last year include “cheap lingerie,” “free Valentine’s Day cards” and “homemade Valentine’s Day gifts.”

    Romance and Humour

    Some suggestions for low cost personal ways to celebrate:

    • Do whatever it is that you did on your first date. The idea is to recreate that first meeting, recall falling in love and indulge in a little humorous nostalgia.
    • Imitate the couple who were building a “blanket fort” in their living room and sharing a picnic dinner – or take a picnic in the park for real
    • Cook a nice dinner together and listen to your favourite CD’s.
    • Prepare a special Valentine’s dessert
    • Give each other a massage

    Angeline Close, a business professor at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, says Valentine’s Day may be coming full circle.

    “It started as a very pure romantic holiday, until capitalism and marketing spiked it,” she said. “We are retreating back a little bit to the original meaning behind the day.”

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    Michael Douglas: Keeping Marriage Hot 

    Michael Douglas answers the questions we’d all like to ask – like how does his 65-year-old body keep a smoking-hot marriage going with much younger wife Catherine Zeta-Jones – in a recent interview in AARP magazine.

    And not surprisingly, like many men his age, he relies on a little male enhancement.

    On Catherine: “God bless her that she likes older guys. And some wonderful enhancements have happened in the last few years—Viagra, Cialis—that can make us all feel younger.”

    Pick Up Line That Almost Blew It

    He talks frankly with interviewer Jim Jerome about how he almost blew his first meeting with Catherine, when he opened with a leaden pick-up line.

    “I want to father your children,” he said.

    “I’ve heard a lot about you,” she responded calmly. “It’s nice to know it’s all true. Good night.” And she was gone.

    Smitten, he persevered with roses and romance and the rest as they say is history. His second time round chance at marriage and children is something he never expected.

    Family Most Important

    “My career was the most important thing in my life, followed by marriage and children,” he confesses. “And it’s completely reversed now. I never anticipated starting a family and the joy of raising kids at my age.”

    Early on, the couple came to terms with the 25-year age gap between them: “Catherine is an old soul,” Douglas says.

    Still, there were complications. Douglas’s future in-laws-David, a retired confectioner, and Patricia, both now 62—were three years younger than the groom.

    “I wasn’t quite the son-in-law they’d envisioned. I do like to wind up Catherine’s father and call him Pops.”

    Hands-On Dad

    Just finished filming Wall Street 2, Douglas is playing “house husband” while Zeta-Jones comes home at midnight and sleeps in late with her starring role in the Broadway musical A Little Night Music.

    He is waking before 6:00 to help get the kids off to school. “I love to be the first face they see,” he says. “It’s a selfish pleasure. It’s a very special time, the mornings.”

    Zeta-Jones says that Douglas thrives on his at-home role: “Michael tells me that [new fatherhood] keeps him agile. He’s a terrific, extremely hands-on father.”

    Staying Fit at 60

    Douglas stays fit and energized by hiking, diving, and taking family skiing trips near his Quebec farm. But he admits that age has its limitations, in particular when he goes to the gym. “It used to be you got that 30-minute cardio workout and that great sense of euphoria. Now you finish and go, ‘Phew, I’m glad that’s over.’

    These days, the Douglases’ social life often amounts to hanging out with the kids or catching up with friends at a local restaurant. “You’ve got these few years of unequivocal love when Mom and Dad can do no wrong. So we’re a tight family unit.”

    Different from Dad Kirk

    It’s a different domestic scene from the one Douglas grew up in. His father, Kirk, according to Michael, didn’t handle parenting well. “I was the product of a divorced family,” he recalls. “My dad was always torn; he was working really hard and would want to see us. But then, with all his Kirk Douglas passion, he’d try to be a father for a week, a summer, whatever. It was tough.

    “I think it’s easier for me to be a good father. I’m not so concerned about my career,” Douglas continues. “I like to be home a lot more now.”

    Natural Enhancement

    If like Michael you’d benefit from a boost to your sex life, but prefer herbal to pharmaceutical products, there’s plenty to choose from.  For more information see  http://www.herbaligniteusa.com.

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    How to Have a Great Marriage 

    Marriage is a two-storey house – that’s her story and his story, quips Ian Grant*, parenting and relationship guru, who with Mary, his wife of 40 years runs the highly successful Hot Tips on Marriage seminars in New Zealand and Australia.

    Now the couple have combined to write Growing Great Marriages, a book based on the Hot Tips seminars which offers hundreds of practical strategies for giving and getting the love you want in your marriage. Some of their ideas from the book:

    Top Five Tips for A Better Marriage

    1) Watch your language

    Research shows the ratio of praise to blame is like spring rain – praise and your marriage will flourish, blame and it will wither. Couples who say five positive things for one negative should be OK. When the threshold drops to one to two they are in trouble.

    Thousands of trials have shown men are much more affected by arguments than women are:  “flooding” – when brain messages bypass the thinking and judging mechanisms and go straight to the “old reptile brain” – the section of the brain that generates negative emotions and knee jerk reactions – happens at much lower levels of criticism in men than women and they stay in that flooded state for longer.

    2) Commit and invest in the relationship

    A 2002 study by the Institute for American Values in New York showed it was wrong to assume that someone in a troubled marriage has two choices: stay married and be miserable, or get a divorce and be happy. A survey of so-called “unhappily married” couples showed two thirds of the couples who stayed married were actually happier five years later.

    Other research shows if a partner invests into a relationship, he or she is happier. When you invest in something, you bond to it.

    3) Remember men’s and women’s brains work differently:

    Think of the brain like a house: In men brain activity focuses on different sections of the brain and they switch from section to section like someone moving from appliance to appliance in a house, switching them on when needed and then turning them off.

    Women’s brains function more globally – they’ve switched on everything in the house and left it on!

    Bill and Pam Farrel’s best seller Men are Like Waffles Women are Like Spaghetti (Harvest House)  gives a great picture for the way gender affects  the way men and women think.

    Women are good at multi-tasking because like a plate of spaghetti , their brain wiring is made up of lots of different strands, touching and intertwining with each other.  Women process life through interconnections. Every thought and issue is connected to every other thought and issue.

    Men’ brains are geared to work in a more compartmentalised way – like squares on a waffle. Don’t engage Dad in meaningful conversation while he is cooking the barbecue because he is focused on one thing – getting the meat cooked. Men will work on one square at a time, and then move on to the next one.


    4) Operate a love bank

    When difficulties arise, focus on restoring love, not resolving conflicts.

    Only one in four marriages is saved through counselling, which has traditionally focused on conflict resolution. But what most couples want is to maintain the feelings of romantic love, and if they can do that the conflict resolves itself. (Romantic love triggers the endorphins which give the pleasurable feeling of being in love)

    The Love Bank idea was developed by Dr William Harley, author of Fall in Love, Stay in Love. Think about the “love currency” you can deposit for your partner.

    Ask yourself “What can I do that makes him feel the best?” Men thrive when offered recreational companionship, sexual fulfilment and admiration from their wives. Women thrive on affection, openness and honesty. What makes people happiest is receiving attention from the people who matter most to us.

    5) Plan dates

    Ian and Mary Grant have dozens of great ideas of sharing positive time together. Amongst their suggestions:

    A 48 hour retreat; book somewhere special, take candles, special lingerie, etc and create your own haven.

    Work through the alphabet for date nights – some may be elaborate, and others as simples as a DVD you both want to see.

    Stage regular “cloth napkin dinners” with a formal setting, best cutlery and candles.

    On your wedding anniversary each year plan a special dinner and repeat your wedding vows to one another.

    *Ian and Mary Grant are high profile parenting and relationship gurus who founded Parents Inc, an Auckland based centre which runs nationwide seminars and courses on family and relationships.

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    Sex and Weight Biggest Worries 

    Worry about weight and how it affects our sex lives is life’s major fear for many people, according to a Reader’s Digest global survey.

    Australians appear to be the world’s biggest worriers when it comes to weight and how it affects performance in the bedroom.

    The Sydney Morning Herald reports a hefty 52 per cent said excess weight “seriously impacted” their sex lives – more than any other country except Mexico, which came in equal first with Australia.

    Wish Partner Would Lose Weight

    50% of Aussies thought they cared much too much about their waistlines, but at the same time secretly wished their partners would lose a few kilos.

    The revelations are part of a large-scale survey conducted by Readers Digest that took in the thoughts of some 6000 people from 16 countries around the world.

    In the workplace, one in three Australians believe being fat “seriously interferes” with career advancement, while four per cent have dieted in a bid to impress the boss.

    Do You Worry Weight is a Turn Off?

    Do you sympathise with people who feel insecure about their weight? Do you worry your weight makes you sexually unattractive?  Do you catch yourself thinking your partner would be more desirable if they lost a few pounds?  Let us know how your thoughts about weight affect your sex life and your romantic fantasies.

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    Tags: Catherine Hickland, David Hasselhoff, Getting over heartbreak, Michael E Knight, The 30-Day Heartbreak Cure, top five To Do's for getting over your Ex   

    Top Five “To Do’s” For Getting Over Heartbreak 

    As “Closing Time” by 90s alt rockers Semisonic reminds us, “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

    We’ve covered the “Top Five No-Nos” for relationship break up – now here’s the Top Five “To Do’s” for putting the past behind you.

    1. Hang out with your friends

    Let your friends give you a reality check on how your ex wasn’t all that great to begin with, and that there are more fish in the sea. Let them remind you of some of the irritating habits he or she had – like putting you down in front of them.

    A little chick-bonding or male camaraderie can go a long way towards getting your head straight. Everyone has experienced disappointment in love at some time and probably will again, and most friends are happy to boost your spirits in the early stages.

    2. Do lots of new things

    You may not be feeling too much like venturing out without your partner, but take the plunge anyway. There’s a world of activities you can partake in that you were never able to enjoy because your “other half” didn’t approve.

    So indulge. Travel. Build a model plane. Go hiking. Play video games on your computer. Watch TV all weekend. Go to a cooking school or start boxing.  Do anything you want. Ideally, you want to find an activity that allows you to release your anger and alleviate stress.

    3. Do something for someone else

    In The 30 Day Heartbreak Cure Catherine Hickland, soap diva, clinical hypnotist and businesswoman, outlines a month-long program for getting life back together that includes stepping outside your own soggy meltdown to help someone else.

    Hickland – whose ex-husbands include actors David Hasselhoff and All My Children Emmy winner Tad (Michael E) Knight – does life skills workshops for a Prison Ministry in Texas. You may not want to get that involved, but at least get out and baby sit for a friend or take an elderly neighbour shopping.

    It will give you a buzz and remind you others have needs – some of them much more desperate – than yours.

    4. Set daily goals

    Every set-back is a set up for an incredible comeback, says Catherine Hickland, who tells of wallowing in self pity for days before picking herself up and deciding on a date for “Heartbreak Cured”. She marked her calendar with daily activities and goals for the next month.

    “A break up is really the first days for a life change,” she says. Do things that will make you feel more desirable, such as going to the gym or getting a new haircut. Walk on the beach. Start a journal. Buy a new outfit or go out to the club with your friends.

    5. Avoid using alcohol, drugs, sex or food to cope

    When you’re in the middle of a breakup, you may be tempted to do anything to relieve your feelings of pain and loneliness. But using alcohol, drugs, sex or food as an escape is unhealthy and destructive in the long run. It’s essential to find healthier ways of coping with painful feelings.

    And although a “rebound romance” may take your mind off your ex for a while, it will also complicate your future and allow you to avoid looking at the way you do relationships – setting you up for a repeat breakup not too far down the track.

    • Dan Dennick 11:34 pm on January 19, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      The bit about the the setting daily goals is a good tip… Especially in those first few weeks as it really does feel like your taking it one day at a time.

      I think the bit about exposing yourself to novelty and new things is a great idea to ease the pain of heartbreak as well…

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    Tags: break-up no no's, getting over your ex, Lisa Nowak, obsessive love, Top Five break up no no's   

    The Top Five Break Up No Nos 

    If you’ve spent more time mooning over a past relationship than you spent dating the object of your affections, here’s some tips to get over the loss and get dating again.

    1. Don’t Ring: It’s natural that in times of pain, you reach out to the person you feel closest to. Unfortunately, the person closest to you just took your heart and used it to clean the toilet. Calling him or her – whether it’s oh so calculatedly casual “just to catch up” or protesting that “you’ll never meet anyone as awesome as me ever again!” will only cost you your dignity and make them even more certain they were right to dump you.

    2. Be Wary of “Researching” (i.e., Cyberstalking): Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, et al., make this not only tempting, but ridiculously easy. But do your best to refrain from checking his relationship and/or mood status every ten seconds. Block his IM and delete his RSS. And don’t even think about luring him in with a fake online dating profile.

    3. Take Care with Retail Therapy: The list of approved post-breakup purchases is short: anything from your favorite boutique that sells stuff you consistently look amazing in. Don’t spend money just for the sake of it, on things you hate as soon as you get home. You’ll end up in debt and even more miserable.

    4. Don’t Discuss Him or Her with Mutual Friends: Avoid talking about the relationship with mutual friends who will carry back what you say to your ex. Yes your friends might want to know the gory details but your ex doesn’t want everyone knowing her or her personal business without their consent so respect them and keep your mouth closed. If a mutual friend asks why you split just say it was time to move on.

    5. Let Go of Romantic Ghosts: Don’t keep holding a torch for past lovers long past their “Use By” Date. At the extreme end of romantic obsession don’t be like NASA astronaut Lisa Nowak, who drove cross-continent to stalk her love rival and just escaped jail on attempted kidnap charges after a plea bargain.

    But even the lover who keeps old ticket stubs, hand written notes and empty champagne bottles once shared with the object of affection gives new dates the creeps. Your head space is populated by the past, and there’s no room for anyone new.  Confront yourself in the mirror every day and say (and believe):  “X is in my past and I am moving on in an exciting new life without him/or her.”

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    Flaunting Flings Not Cool 

    It’s official: Having over 10,000 sexual conquests has gone from having an “oooh!” factor to having an “ewww!” factor.

    So says columnist Susan Toepfer at More.com about a new Warren Beatty biography which claims the actor slept with 13,000 women – still thousands short of NBA great Wilt Chamberlain who bragged in his autobiography A View From Above that he slept with 20,000 women.

    “Tedious” Tally

    But far from seeing it as something to boast about, 72-year-old father-of-four Beatty issued an immediate denial through his lawyer, describing the book as “tedious and boring.”

    Apparently, flaunting your flings is no longer cool, when you’ve been married to Annette Bening for 17 years and have three daughters, writes Toepfer.

    Devoted To Family

    Beatty’s reign as Hollywood’s most eligible bachelor came to an end when he clapped eyes on his elegant Bugsy co-star,  and he said ‘I do’ for the first time at 53, marrying Bening two months after the birth of their first child.

    “I was never divided on the subject with Annette,” the Independent quotes Beatty as saying. “I was never divided on the subject of having a child.

    “And I was never divided on the subject of her integrity or intelligence or capacity to love.

    “I think talent is energy and, let’s just say, she’s very talented! See, I think that there’s something in the unconscious that is the iceberg, and then there’s the tip of the iceberg, that’s the conscious. And when I met Annette, I thought, ‘Oh, I see’.”

    Rake Reformed

    Of course promiscuity is still alive and well – Tiger Woods is testimony to that. But Beatty, happily wed for nearly two decades and by all accounts devoted to his family, has changed.

    With a wealth of experience between the sheets to go on, he declared monogamous sex best. And in keeping with the discovery, the serial boyfriend showered affection on whoever was on his arm, rather than simply adding them to the countless notches on his bedpost.

    Said one of his lovers, Goldie Hawn: “Maybe he loved too many women in his early days but it wasn’t all about sexuality. It was about tenderness.

    “Warren by nature is a caretaker. Yes, he’s maddening. Yes, he’s stubborn. But the bottom line is the nature of that animal is good. His intentions are pure.”

    Perhaps that’s the difference between Beatty and Woods. While one never had any incriminating “sex tapes” or on-the –make porn stars peddling stories of time between the sheets, Tiger’s personal life has become a national joke despite his own monastic silence.

    No nasty stories. No tell-all revelations to tabloids, or calendars like the one in the NY Post of “Tiger’s Babes,” or embarrassingly “wise-after-the-event” cover story in Vanity Fair.

    Is it because being a roaming Lothario when you’re a single “hot” Bad Boy is one thing. Cheating on your wife and young children with a string of synthetic “hostesses” is seen as something entirely different?

    What do you think? Let us know.

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