Too Much Sex a Bad Thing

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has made the slogan “Too Much Sex a Bad Thing” something like a “brand” for their campaign for birth control for cats and dogs.

Over the years they’ve produced a string of suitably ‘scandalous’ ads featuring scantily clad or naked women and the latest to join the strip roster is porn star/ actress Sasha Grey.

You could ask why they haven’t used buff young men as well and you’d have to conclude they know as well as anyone who attracts the most attention.

Sasha is photographed naked, glancing alluringly over her shoulder with the caption: “Too Much Sex Can Be a Bad Thing: Have your cats and dogs spayed or neutered.”

You can judge for yourself the effectiveness of the campaign:

And if you really want to see why some folk object, take a look at one of the earlier campaigns which upset the Catholic church:

Sex Good For Humans

Interestingly, unless you’ve concerns about sexually transmitted diseases or over population, the same can’t be said for humans.

Sex is Good for You was one of this blog’s most popular posts, and it’s true that the emotional and health benefits of an active sex life are being steadily recognised.

Even for animals other than companion pets, it’s something to be generally encouraged. The company that produces a herbal sex tonic for men, Herbal Ignite, reports one happy customer for many years was the owner of the pure bred stallion, who popped a few pills of Ignite in his morning chaff to boost his performance.

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