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    Five Great Gift Ideas For Men 

    Get smart this year. Take the stress out of Christmas. Shop early and shop online. To help your deliberations we asked our man about the place Sam (late 20s and about to be married,)  to tell us what he wants. It might inspire you too.

    1.       Anything Top Gear. I love Top Gear, and I don’t mind watching them again and again. Whether it is a t-shirt saying “I am the Stig”, or the 4 DVD Stig helmet collection or the Top Gear top tunes CD. I just can’t have enough Top Gear just like 350 million other men around the globe.  http://www.officialproducts.co.uk/

    2.       Adventure activities. I was over the moon when I got a flight training voucher on my birthday from my fiancée.  In addition to that I would be equally delighted to get a voucher to drive a race car or a rally car. Anything that makes memorable memories is highly recommended. http://www.freemanx.co.nz

    3.       Rugby / cricket /basketball tickets. With Christmas being in middle of summer there is always a cricket match going on in some part of New Zealand or Australia. Also you can purchase Rugby League or Super 14 tickets in advance. Aussi NBL tickets can also be highly appreciated. http://premier.ticketek.co.nz/

    4. Tools/ Power tools. Depending on your budget, you can find a tool or a power fitting in your budget. Choices vary from a Swiss Army knife to Makita power drills and air compressors for Nail guns. https://www.toolking.com/

    5. Apple products /accessories. If you have a geek in your family or friends, then the ideal gift to give them is an Apple product. If your budget forbids you from spending bucket loads of money on Iphone or MacBook, then go for fancy accessories that bling your Iphone. http://www.gadgetgear.com.au

    PS For the man who has everything, Herbal Ignite will give a little zest to his love life. http://www.herbalignite.com

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    Saw Palmetto for Prostate Health 

    saw palmettoSaw palmetto is a remarkable herb becoming famous for its uses in hair restoration and prostate health, particularly for relieving urinary discomfort caused by an enlarged prostate (BPH).

    Saw Palmetto’s popularity has been on an extraordinary roller coaster ride throughout the 20th century. Widely used under the name “Serenoa” until World War II, it was then completely forgotten until its rediscovery in the 90’s.

    Now it’s being evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for treatment of BPH. If approved, it would become the first herbal product to be licensed by the agency as a treatment for a specific condition.

    Benefits for Enlarged Prostate


    There is much scientific documentation outlining the effectiveness of the herb in treating irritable bladder and urinary problems in men with benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH), an enlargement of the prostate gland.

    BPH results in a swelling of the prostate gland that obstructs the urethra. This causes painful urination, reduced urine flow, difficulty starting or stopping the flow, dribbling after urination and more frequent night time urination.

    In addition to causing pain and embarrassment, BPH can lead to serious kidney problems if undiagnosed and left untreated. It is a common problem in men over the age of 40. Estimates are that 50-60% of all men will develop BPH in their lifetimes.

    Saw Palmetto Clinical Trials

    Since the 1960s, extensive clinical studies of saw palmetto have been done in Europe. A review of 24 European trials appeared in the November 1998 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association. The trials involved nearly 3,000 men, some taking saw palmetto, others taking Proscar and a third group taking a placebo.

    The men taking saw palmetto had a 28% improvement in urinary tract symptoms, a 24% improvement in peak urine flow and 43% improvement in overall urine flow. The results were nearly comparable to the group taking Proscar and superior to the men taking a placebo.

    Saw palmetto does not reduce prostate enlargement. Instead, it is thought to work in a variety of ways. First, it inhibits the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). BPH is thought to be caused by an increase in testosterone to DHT. Secondly, saw palmetto is believed to interfere with the production of estrogen and progesterone, hormones associated with DHT production.

    In a controlled clinical trial with patients with enlarged prostate glands, 50 patients who received saw palmetto (320 mg per day – 4 tablets taken in two separate doses with meals) were compared to 44 patients receiving placebo. Patients treated with saw palmetto urinated less frequently, produced a better flow rate and amount of urine and had less pain and discomfort in urinating than control subjects. There were actually fewer adverse side effects in patients receiving saw palmetto than in controls.

    May Help Prevent Prostate Cancer

    Men who have taken Saw Palmetto for the purpose of treating BPH, have reported a reduction in painful urination, as well as minimized sensations of a full bladder. Some researchers believe this may be accomplished due to an anti-inflammatory ability of the plant to restrain hormones, such as testosterone. Testosterone is thought to contribute to multiplication of prostate cells.

    There has also been speculation that the plant may play a vital role in protecting men against the development of prostate cancer. The plant is a popular treatment for BPH, due to the fact that it is typically much lower priced than other medications, tends to work much more quickly, and is less likely to cause reduced sexual drive and impotence.

    It is also used to strengthen the thyroid gland, balance the metabolism, stimulate appetite and aid digestion.

    Avoid If…
    No known medical conditions preclude the use of Saw Palmetto. However, because of the herb’s hormonal effects, caution is advisable if you have any form of cancer that’s stimulated by hormones.

    Special Cautions
    At recommended dosage levels, side effects are rare. A few stomach complaints have been reported.

    Possible Drug Interactions
    Check with your doctor if you are taking any hormonal medications or adrenergic drugs such as the asthma medications Alupent, Brethine, Proventil, and Ventolin. Your dosage may need adjustment.

    Saw Palmetto Herbal Supplement

    Quup Herbal supplement containing saw palmetto, lycopene from tomatoes, selenium and zinc is an excellent nutritional support for men’s prostate health. If your sleep is regularly interrupted by midnight trips to the bathroom, if you find you have an urge to urinate and then when you get there you can’t start the flow, saw palmetto in Quup is likely to be of benefit.  See the Quup website for more information and to order.

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    Women on Botox Happier 

    woman botoxNat King Cole knew more than we realised when he sang “Smile, what’s the use of crying, You’ll find that life is still worthwhile, If you just smile.”

    That’s because science is increasingly finding that changing expressions can influence mood, although scientists still don’t fully understand why.  But they are beginning to suspect a neurological link between facial muscles and brain activity.

    People asked to smile while watching a cartoon, for instance, report it is funnier than people who are not asked to smile.

    Botox Lifts Depression

    Now a series of studies seem to show that women who have Botox treatments are happier – and it has nothing to do with increased self confidence because they look better.

    First (in 2006) a Botox-happy cosmetic surgeon reported a  small study which claimed that filling out depressed women’s frown lines so they couldn’t wrinkle their brows helped lift their depression.

    The pilot study of 10 patients was the first to provide empirical support for what a number of clinicians say they have noticed anecdotally: People who get their furrowed brows eliminated with Botox (botulinum toxin A) often report an improvement in mood.

    Washington dermatologist Eric Finzi’s study found that even patients who were not seeking cosmetic improvement showed a dramatic decrease in depression symptoms.

    Not Just Self Confidence

    And a follow up study reported in Time magazine suggests that Botox may lighten people’s moods by literally wiping the frowns off their faces.

    The study, published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, followed 25 cosmetic-surgery patients, 12 of whom received injections of Botulinum Toxin A or similar neurotoxins, the others receiving fillers, peels or other cosmetic treatments for wrinkles.

    Two weeks after the treatments patients filled out a questionnaire for depression and anxiety.

    “The Botox patients scored much lower on measures of depression, anxiety and irritability,” explains Michael Lewis, a psychology professor at the University of Cardiff and lead author of the study. “Crucially, there was no significant difference in how much their treatment made them feel attractive from those who had other treatments, suggesting that [the mood boost] wasn’t just down to a boost in self-confidence.”

    Face and Brain Link

    At the time, Finzi explained the results of his 2006 study using the facial-feedback hypothesis — a feedback loop in which people frown back at a depressed person, further deepening that person’s sense of isolation. He suggested that if a depressed person can’t frown because of Botox treatment, then others won’t frown back at them, thereby breaking the loop.

    Others have suggested facial muscles may alter the temperature of blood flowing in the brain. Relaxation techniques such as yoga and tai chi may help cool the brain and result in a more positive mood.

    Whatever the mechanism, moods can clearly be influenced by expressions, not just the other way around, said Paul Ekman, emeritus professor of psychology at the University of California at San Francisco, who has spent decades exploring the connection between emotions and expressions.

    “If you make a facial expression voluntarily, you can change the autonomic and central nervous system to generate that emotion,” he said.

    Meeting People Easier

    But Ekman said the relationship between emotions and expressions is probably too complex to explain Finzi’s finding. It is unlikely, he said, that simply altering one’s expressions can relieve depression.

    More plausible, Ekman said, is that changing expressions can help heighten or decrease emotional states. Or it is possible that by frowning less, patients in Finzi’s study seemed less forbidding to others, which helped to strengthen their social connections. In turn, that may have helped ease the depression, Ekman said.

    But Lewis says he favors the theory that facial muscles influence brain activity directly and points to earlier research that suggests such a neurological link.

    Fake It Till You Make It

    For example, studies have shown that subjects find comedy routines significantly funnier when they hold a pen between their teeth the way a dog holds a bone, a pose that stimulates the muscles used for smiling. Similarly, subjects laugh less when holding a pen between their lips, a pose that mimics frowning.

    Such studies are part of a growing trend in counseling and therapy that focuses on behavioral change — a new approach summed up by the Alcoholics Anonymous slogan “Fake it till you make it” — rather than the stern “talk therapy” of the Freudian era.

    Cognitive behavioral therapy, for instance, teaches patients to alter the physiological feedback cycles of certain conditions by slowing their breathing during panic attacks or cutting the hangdog look during periods of depression.

    But Lewis warns that his and Finzi’s studies both examined small sample groups, so it would be premature, he says, to consider Botox injections — at around $400 each — purely on the basis of their potential for mood enhancement.

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    Jeremy Clarkson Proves Naughty Boys Win 

    jeremyTop Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson’s attraction lies in his “naughty boy” ability to beat the rap.  He says outrageous things and gets away with them. He offends almost as many as he entertains, and roars right on unfazed.

    On the surface, Clarkson has everything women desire: He’s a powerful celebrity, he’s outrageously wealthy, and he has a cool ride.

    In fact, the only thing Jezza doesn’t have going for him is that he’s no longer single. Happily married to his manager since 1993, he now lives in the Cotswolds with his wife, Frances Catherine Cain, and their three children, Emily, Finlo and Katya.

    Men We Secretly Adore

    While his fashion sense and chauvinistic comments are often cited as making him unpopular with women, in a 2008 poll of 5,000 female members of an online dating website, Clarkson came third in a poll of MISAs – Men I Secretly Adore, behind Jonathan Ross and Phillip Schofield.

    Characteristically, Clarkson was upset not to have come top. Clarkson has often recognised and celebrated the fact that car fanatics can be found in both sexes.

    In response to the reactions he gets, Clarkson has generally and consistently dismissed his importance, stating “I enjoy this back and forth, it makes the world go round but it is just opinion” and “I don’t have any influence over what people do, I really don’t. It makes no difference what I say. Top Gear is just fluff. It’s just entertainment – people don’t listen to me.”

    Comments Don’t Hurt Car Sales

    On the opinion that his views are influential enough to topple car companies, he has argued that he has proof that he has had no influence. “When I said that the Ford Orion was the worst car ever it went on to become a best-selling car.”  His concerted attacks have similarly done no harm to the likes of the Toyota Corolla.

    On his chat show, Clarkson, he caused upset to the Welsh by placing a 3D plastic map of Wales into a microwave oven and switching it on. He later defended this by saying, “I put Wales in there because Scotland wouldn’t fit.”

    On punching Piers Morgan, the editor of Daily Mirror: “Every woman asked me WHYI hit him, and every man WHERE I hit him.”

    Some of Clarkson’s more robust opinions:

    The Renault Espace:”probably the best of the people carriers. Not that that’s much to shout about. That’s like saying ‘Ooh good I’ve got syphilis, the BEST of the sexually transmitted diseases.’”

    The Suzuki Wagon: should be avoided like unprotected sex with an Ethiopian transvestite”

    Clarkson’s highway code on cyclists: “Trespassers in the motorcars domain, they do not pay road tax and therefore have no right to be on the road, some of them even believe they are going fast enough to not be an obstruction. Run them down to prove them wrong.”

    Bus lanes: “I don’t understand bus lanes. Why do poor people have to get to places quicker than I do?”

    Small cars: “We all know that small cars are good for us. But so is cod liver oil. And jogging. I want to drive in a Terminator, not am EM Forster novel.”

    The Lotus Elise: “This car is more fun than the entire French air force crashing into a firework factory.”

    The Porsche Cayenne: “Honestly, I have seen more attractive gangrenous wounds than this. It has the sex appeal of a camel with gingivitis.”

    On Cars: A car can be a tool but it can also be so much more. It can be a heart-starter, it can be a drug, it can be a piece of art and it can stir your soul

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    Movember goes high profile 

    Famous Faces Movember

    There was a mini flurry of excitement in February when TV viewers thought they detected a faint fuzz on US President Barack Obama’s upper lip. Was he going to be the first president to sport a moustache since William Howard Taft in 1923? False alarm it seems, and the White House remains a facial-hair-free zone.

    But in the interests of promoting Movember, the men’s health initiative to raise funds for prostate cancer by growing sponsored moustaches, we thought it would be interesting to see how Obama and a number of other prominent politicos would look if they decided to become a Mo Bro (or Mo Sista).


    George W Bush

    Anti war protesters used pictures of Dubba with a Hitler moustache to give the ex-Prez a bad name. We thought we’d prefer to see him with an imperial style – hair growing from upper lip and cheeks and curled upwards. Appropriate for a guy who once led the biggest empire in the Free World.


    Sarah Palin

    In Turkey the slogan “do I have to have a moustache to be in Parliament?” highlighted the lack of women in powerful places. We know the former Alaskan Governor is now just an ordinary citizen, but her brief run to glory qualifies the gal as a Mo Sista.

    sarah palin

    Vladimir Putin

    President Putin has revived the cult of the body with his mastery of the sporting-political scene. Photographs in which he fishes, practises judo and strikes a variety of absurd, he-man poses have inspired not ridicule, but adoration.  So we say lead the way Vladimir, by inspiring world leaders to grow a mo!


    Helen Clark

    With her consciously low-pitched voice, former NZ Prime Minister Helen Clark, now head of the United Nations Development Programme, the third-highest UN position, was frequently accused of being more of a man than the blokes she ruled. So why not a mo as well?

    helen clark

    Hone Harawira

    Currently the bad boy of NZ politics because he skived off for a weekend in Paris with his wife when he should have been in boring Brussels meetings. Why not a mo to improve his prospects?


    Hillary Clinton

    She’s been accused of wearing pants to undermine male authority. We say why not go the whole hog?

    hilarry clinton

    Rodney Hide

    He ditched his wife and a ton of weight, found (much younger) new love and went dizzy on Dancing with the Stars. Now his perk-busting reputation is shattered with revelations of tax-payer funded jaunts with blonde Louise to Hawaii and points north. All he needs now is sexy mouth hair.


    Nicholas Sarkozy

    He wears shoes with heels and he’s married to Carla Bruni. All that’s left for him to grow a mo to beat Mugabe’s.


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    Lower Testosterone Equals More Falls 

    herbal igniteIn sports, testosterone shots or creams are supposed to be magic bullets that spur athletes to train harder, run or bicycle more quickly, jump higher, swim faster, hit a baseball farther, recover sooner, and, let’s not forget, increased sex drive and combativeness.

    Testosterone injections can make male rats more aggressive in marking their territories, cause castrated red deer to grow antlers, and induce female rhesus monkeys to screech like males. In studies on humans, testosterone injections have increased and strengthened muscles.

    Now research has shown men 65 years and older with low testosterone have more falls than men of similar age with higher levels of the sex hormone.

    Researchers think this might be because low testosterone levels also lead to impaired vision, muddled thinking and poor coordination, according to a study by the Oregon Health & Science University in Portland. The research found men with the lowest testosterone levels had a 40 per cent higher risk of falling.

    Die Sooner Too

    The study involved 2,587 men aged 65 to 99 starting in 2000 and continuing to March of 2005. Their testosterone levels were checked through a blood test, their grip strength, leg power and balance ability were recorded and every four months they reported whether they had fallen.

    Testosterone decline is a normal part of aging in men. The doctors noted that previous studies have shown that older men with reduced testosterone who got shots of testosterone experienced an increase in muscle mass and strength.

    Older men with low levels of the hormone testosterone may die sooner than other men their age with normal testosterone levels, another study suggests. But no “cause-and-effect” link has been established to justify testosterone supplementation, the professionals say.

    Regain Youth with Testosterone

    Researchers found that among 794 generally healthy older men, those with the lowest testosterone levels were 40 percent more likely to die within the 1985-2004 study period.

    “Like women on hormone replacement therapy, many older men are turning to testosterone therapy to regain some of what has been lost physically and mentally in the aging process,” said Dr. Eric Orwoll, a professor of medicine at the Oregon school.

    “These results validate the need for more research on this trend in treatment for men in the advanced years of life.”

    Testosterone in Herbal Products

    The herb tribulus terrestris has been shown in clinical trials in Europe to naturally build testosterone levels in men when taken as a dietary supplement. If you want to give testosterone levels a boost but don’t want to resort to injections, this in one option to consider.  Herbal Products like Herbal Ignite have been used with success by thousands of men to  increase testosterone levels and with them, enjoy the benefits including better sexual performance and higher energy levels. For more information see http://www.herbalignite.com.usa.

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    When One Partner Says No More Sex 

    no more sexSometimes it occurs after the birth, sometimes after menopause.  With a statement like

    “I’m 60 now. I’m past having sex. Just forget it,” one of a previous pair announces their sex life is over. No more pairing up, it’s solo from here on it.

    Making that kind of unilateral decision for “no more sex” is incredibly arrogant and downright cruel, says sex therapist Robyn Salisbury, in her latest book Staying in Love, the top secrets of great relationships (Random House)

    “Together you need to seek help to talk about it. It’s just not fair to hold someone to ransom with a message like ‘If you want to keep our family together then these are the terms, accept them’

    “There is no more powerful way to reject someone than to withdraw physically. If you are in a relationship, then the decision to be sexual is not entirely yours.

    “Yes it’s your body, and I am not advocating returning to times past when sex was seen as a conjugal right.

    “However if you have entered a committed relationship then you don’t have the right to impose any rules without a joint understanding…”

    Another Way To Tackle It

    Rather says Robyn, who answers personal queries in a popular Sunday newspaper column, you should rephrase the statement:  “As I’ve got older I find I’m not really enjoying our sex as much as I used to. Can we talk about how we might alter it to make it enjoyable again?”

    The problem she says is that for many people “Sex equals intercourse” – something she calls and “unproductive myth” about sex that is one of the actual causes of loss of desire.

    She calls it “the hydraulic model of sex . . . focused around genital stimulation.

    “This in no way provides us the grounding for lifelong sexual desire.

    More than Coupling

    “Couples who turn up for counselling often think either they have a hormone imbalance or that they have fallen out of love with their partner.

    “One or both of these factors may be playing a role, but neither of them is straightforward.”

    A major survey of women found a high degree of extra-genital satisfaction resulting from stimulation of other parts of the body, says Robyn, who is director of Sex Therapy New Zealand.

    Focusing on biology is a trip, says Salisbury. Sex drive can be affected by drugs, physical illness, emotional state, learning and many other factors.

    Desire Discrepancy Dangers

    Robyn says just as expecting your partner to sacrifice sex for your sake is destructive, to carry on engaging in sex when it isn’t what you want is also not the answer.

    “Desire discrepancy creates a danger of setting up a pursue-retreat dynamic where on partner feels under pressure to provide sex and that pressure further diminishes their interest.

    “The other redoubles efforts to be seductive or persuasive and in the end simply increases the pressure that is a desire killer.”

    Robyn suggest a much broader approach to what makes us feel good and meaningful… including physical, emotional, mental and spiritual parts of ourselves.

    So what do you think? Are you in a relationship where the sex has gone cold and you don’t know what to do about it? Have you found answers to this very common dilemma? Tell us your views and give others an insight into a new way of doing things at the same time.

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    Sugar Kills Your Sex Life 

    cokeNext time you’re tempted to bite into a chocolate muffin at morning tea, just think: too much sugar could be making your sex life a turn off.

    New research shows high levels of fructose and glucose entering your blood can deactivate the gene controlling the amounts of sex hormones in both men and women, as revealed by a Canadian research published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation.

    How Sugar Impacts Hormones

    The research on mice and human cell cultures shows we should replace simple sugars (like table sugar, glucose and fructose) with complex ones, like starches, found in grains, fruits, legumes (peas and beans), and other vegetables, if we want to keep the fires going in bed.

    That’s because when the simple sugars go to the liver to be metabolized, the excess is stored as fats. All that work for cells synthesizing fats, deactivates the SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) gene, plummeting the levels of SHBG protein in the bloodstream.

    This protein tunes the levels of testosterone and estrogen circulating through the body.

    Why that’s a Problem

    Less SHBG protein translates into higher testosterone and estrogen levels, increasing the likelihood of acne, infertility, polycystic ovaries, and uterine cancer in overweight women. T

    It also impairs the ratio of estrogen to testosterone, so women are more exposed to heart disease.

    Blood SHBG is already used to assess the levels of blood testosterone, to check for hormonal imbalances and likelihood of getting type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

    Previously, it was thought that high insulin levels lowered SHBG, as overweight, pre-diabetic persons possess high blood amounts of insulin and decreased SHBG levels.

    What To Do About It

    The answer is to eat less of the simple sugars – candies, sugary drinks – and more complex ones found in grains and vegetables.

    If you’ve already noted a decline in sexual performance you could consider supplementing with a herbal sexual enhancer like Herbal Ignite, made of totally natural herbal ingredients, while you get your lifestyle changes in place for long term benefits.

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    Talkback Host Farewelled 

    timBusinessman Peter Leitch lost thousands of dollars gambling with radio talkback host Tim Bickerstaff before he decided to stop shelling out cash on lost bets and start buying radio advertising on Bickerstaff’s Sportsline, the man Tim dubbed ‘The Mad Butcher’ said at Bickerstaff’s funeral.

    Tim died of a massive heart attack at his Whitianga home on Halloween Night (October 31st) 2009.

    Peter joked “I had to get a second job to pay Tim – true story,” but the gamble paid off.  “The Mad Butcher” went on to become a multi millionaire with his 34-store meat franchise and he made a life-long friend of the controversial radio host.

    Promoting Herbal Ignite

    Peter said that when a few years ago Tim rang “and asked if I would do an ad for him for Ignite, (Tim’s men’s sex tonic Herbal Ignite) I said ‘Yes I’ll do it’ and I didn’t even charge him, that’s how dumb I was. Now everywhere I go friends ask “How’s the old whistle mate, things going all right? And I don’t even use the stuff!”

    Tim was farewelled by friends and family at a service at the Manukau Memorial Gardens in Auckland, with former All Black Grahame Thorne as celebrant.

    Tim’s former boss at Radio i, Gordon Dryden said Geoff Sinclair and Tim Bickerstaff were the best ever pairing on radio. No one had the magic chemistry they had. “He was a great entrepreneur .. .  One day he came to me and said he was going to change his name by deed poll to Jim Beam so he could call his show the Jim Beam Show to get around government regulations on alcohol advertising.

    He Changed the Rules

    “He was one of the people who changed the rules of the game (in radio) and changed sport for the better.”

    Bob Fisher, the Observer and Guardian yachting correspondent, and BBC cricket commentator Henry Blofeld gave recorded tributes to the man Fisher described as a “colossal talent.”

    Their comments were echoed in an obituary by sports writer Phil Gifford in the Sunday Star-Times.

    Said Phil: “There had never been a broadcaster like Tim Bickerstaff before he hit his stride, and nobody has matched him since.”

    Tim’s Herbal Ignite business is a lasting legacy to the man who always thought outside the square.

    He was confident that the company he founded 13 years before was strongly positioned to continue and grow into the next decade. And continue it will, on a very sound base of sales from direct marketing in New Zealand and overseas via the Internet and radio.

    For the past two years Tim has been fully in support of his company Happy Families business strategy to launch Herbal Ignite as a truly international men’s health product, selling in Australia, the US and Asia with the same success it has enjoyed in New Zealand.

    Tim was fully engaged in these plans and was excited about the prospects for Herbal Ignite, because he knew better than many men from personal experience how demoralising erectile dysfunction could be.

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    Movember Madness 

    john keyTV3’s sports host Rod Cheeseman is in. Prime Minister John Key – though he says he’s in favour – won’t participate because he says his wife doesn’t like hairy men. But Bronagh, what’s not to like about our photo-shopped mo-wearing John Key? And we have to ask – would you date this man?

    We’re talking Movember, the annual, month-long celebration of the moustache, when thousands of men around NZ, Australia and now the world grow a moustache to highlight men’s health issues, specifically prostate cancer and depression.

    Mo Bros, supported by their Mo Sistas, start Movember (November 1st) clean shaven and then have the remainder of the month to grow and groom their moustache.

    Mo-Growing Online

    And this year Herbal Ignite’s general manager Sam Kamani has joined the fray with a mo-growing experiment we’ll track on line.

    Says Sam: “I’m quite enjoying my ‘motor-biker mo look’ even though my fiance hates it and is waiting for the days of Movember to finish.”

    During Movember, each Mo Bro effectively becomes a walking billboard for men’s health and, via their Mo, raises essential funds and awareness for Movember’s men’s health partners – The Cancer Society and the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand.

    The idea for Movember came about in 2003 when a few mates were having a beer in a small bar in Fitzroy, Melbourne. Inspired by the women’s health movement, it was recognized that men were lacking a way to engage and actively involve themselves in their own health.

    During a conversation about fashion and past trends, the idea came up to bring the moustache back for one month, and in doing so, have some fun, raise a small amount of money and hopefully encourage men to talk about their health with each other.

    $60m Raised Globally

    Since this time, Movember has continued to grow each year, both in terms of participation numbers and funds raised. In its first year, 30 Mo Bros took part in Movember and since 2006, the first year in New Zealand, more than 50,000 people have participated and $4million has been raised for Movember’s Kiwi men’s health partners.

    Today, in its sixth consecutive year, Movember now take splace not just in Australasia but also in the US, Canada, UK and Ireland.

    To date, Movember has raised AUS$60 million globally for the fight against prostate cancer and depression in men. And, more importantly, as a direct result, male awareness of health issues has improved with Movember helping to spread health messages directly to millions of Mo Bros & Sistas around the world.

    Going forward, Movember will continue to work towards helping to change established habits and attitudes and make men aware of the risks they face, thereby increasing early detection, diagnosis and effective treatment.

    Herbals For Prostate Health

    A range of herbs have been shown to improve prostate health, but non more so than saw palmetto, a herb grown in the US and found in Herbal Quup (pronounced Kew Up) a supplement to help reduce those midnight trips to the bathroom caused by an enlarged prostate.

    Quup contains saw palmetto, lycopene from tomatoes, the red ingredient which has found to have a good preventive action against prostate cancer, as well as zinc and selenium, both good for sperm health.

    Find out more at Herbal Quup and order today.

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