What Men Want

menRomance is on the way back in according to an international men’s survey that showed 71% of men believe in marriage and 36% believe in soul mates.

While the “modern man” may not be easy to identify – is he ”macho” or is he “metrosexual ,“  the Ask Men website survey canvassed the views of 50,000 respondents from around the world. The published results are analysed according to the responses from Australia, the US, the UK and Canada.

According to the 2009 Great Male Survey:


71% of men believe in marriage.

36% of men believe they have a soul mate, and are still looking for her.

39% don’t believe it’s important to sign a pre-nup.

The perfect girlfriend:

46% think that women put too much value on financial worth

33% think that a beautiful wife or girlfriend is the ultimate status symbol

The most important personality trait that makes a woman “relationship material” is a sense of caring/nurturing, which came above loyalty, sense of humour and intelligence.

22% of men said if they could change one thing about their wife/girlfriend, it would be her sexual appetite followed by her attitude/moodiness and then her looks.

44% would dump a girlfriend if she became fat.

50% of men prefer a C-cup size breast


44% of men believe they should pay for the dates until the relationship is established.

72% of men would snoop in their partner’s email or other electronic messages

90% of men say a couple should live together before marriage

42% say they are comfortable with their girlfriend keeping in touch with her exes.

4% of men wouldn’t be comfortable with dating a woman with a higher income than they.


18% of men have lied about how many sex partners they’ve had to protect their ego.

40% of men have fantasised about their partner’s friend.

53% of men use condoms.

60% of men would take the male pill if it were available.

86% would be offended if a woman faked an orgasm during sex.

26% of men have faked an orgasm

33% of them have masturbated at work.

50% of men would change their penis size if they could.

Only 1% of men admitted that they cheat on their partner.

84% have lied about the number of sex partners they have had

Frequency of Sex in Relationships

40% were “somewhat satisfied – there is room for improvement”

14% were completely satisfied – wouldn’t change a thing about it and the rest were dissatisfied because of the quantity or quality of sex or had no sex life at all

79% believed that to have a happy sex life couples needed sex “multiple times a week”

33% engaged in sex “multiple times a week”

At home:

33% of men own seven or more pairs of shoes.

39% admit that real men cry.

62% cook at home and enjoy it.